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Chrysler Oil Filter

When you are adding oil to your Chrysler, there is a good chance of contaminating the oil with dirt and various other particles, which could cause engine damage if they were to enter the vulnerable internal structures of the engine. Fortunately, the Chrysler oil filter is designed to remove these particles, plus any particles that are formed within the engine itself. After about three months of driving your vehicle, the efficiency of the Chrysler oil filter will begin to decline, and it will be necessary to replace the unit, as well as all of the oil that is within the engine. You can save money by completing the process yourself, and you will find the correct filter for almost any vehicle in our large online catalog. Our Chrysler oil filter meets the same quality standards as the original unit, and it is very inexpensive. To install the unit, the oil must first be drained from the vehicle. Locate the drain plug on the oil pan and remove it, ensuring that you have a properly sized container to catch the oil. Then, using the appropriate filter wrench, the old Chrysler oil filter can be removed. Before installing the new unit, lubricate the gasket on it with a bit of clean engine oil. With the new Chrysler oil filter in place, you may now fill the engine with the appropriate amount of oil. Before starting the vehicle, wait a period of several minutes to let the oil collect in the bottom of the engine, and top the oil off, if necessary. The new Chrysler oil filter can be ordered from our web site, or with a toll-free call to our sales department.