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Chrysler Oil Pan

When the engine of your Chrysler is running, it needs a large amount of oil circulating through it, to protect the vulnerable internal components of the engine from the damaging effects of friction. The oil is stored in the Chrysler oil pan when the engine is not running. When the engine is started, the oil pump kicks in and begins circulating the oil through the engine. The Chrysler oil pan is located on the bottom of the engine and it has a gasket that seals the unit to the engine. It also features a threaded plug on the bottom of the unit, which is designed to drain the oil from the system when an oil and filter change is performed. After many years, the gasket that seals the Chrysler oil pan may begin to start leaking. When it is necessary to replace the gasket, you will find the appropriate version for most vehicles in our large online catalog, for a very good price. To install it, the Chrysler oil pan will need to be removed, and the old gasket must be scraped off the mating surfaces of both the pan and the engine. Then the new gasket can be installed and everything can be reassembled. When bolting the Chrysler oil pan back into place, be sure not to tighten the bolts past the torque recommendations listed in the repair manual, to ensure that the unit does not become warped. If your Chrysler oil pan has been damaged for any reason, our catalog will also carry the correct replacement for most vehicles and it is an exact replica of the original. To order the gasket or the Chrysler oil pan, call one of our friendly sales associates, toll-free, or visit our secure web site.