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Chrysler Pacifica Fender

Three Usual Problems of a Worn-down Chrysler Pacifica Fender

There's no other part of your car that can protect the body from road spray than a durable Chrysler Pacifica fender. However, no matter how strong your fender is, it will still show signs of wearing down through time and constant use. If you begin to notice signs of rusting and fading on your car's fender, then you have to check it immediately and perform troubleshooting. Listed below are some of the problems you might bump into.

Rust on the fender's surface

When you encounter a minor collision that resulted in a damaged Chrysler Pacifica fender, the paint on the fender will most likely come-off, and this will uncover the car's metal frame and make it susceptible to damage. Thus, the metal frame will react to oxygen from the air and soon produce rust. When the damaged fender is not repaired immediately, this will cause the rust to spread on its surface and can weaken the fender. Before things go from bad to worse, you should repair it immediately. Once the rust has been removed and your fender is already in good condition, you should clean it regularly to prevent it from rusting again.

Fading paint

Aside from rusting, another problem you can encounter with your Chrysler Pacifica fender is fading of the paint. This is simply because paint fades through time. However, the harmful effects of the sun's UV rays can speed up the process. When you begin to notice that the fender of your car is starting to have a dull color compared to the rest of the car's body, then you should consider repainting the entire thing. Aside from that, you also need to buff and polish the fender to give it a good finish.

Rough surface

When dirt and road salt begin to stick on your car's fender, they will cause the fender to become rough. If you fail to remove them immediately, they may be very difficult to wash off. To avoid this from happening, you should wash your car regularly, especially when you drive on tough road conditions. Otherwise, the dirt and road salt may cause the paint to deteriorate and slowly chip.

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  • Chrysler Pacifica Fender: Three Effective Ways to Keep It in Good Condition

    The fender of your Chrysler Pacifica has to be maintained regularly to keep the luxurious look of your family wagon. However, dirt and dust from the air is always a threat, and before you know it, it has already started to accumulate on the surface of you vehicle's fender. Aside from that, the sun's UV rays can also cause the fender's paint to fade over time. To prevent these elements from causing greater damage, here are some simple tips to help you maintain your Chrysler Pacifica fender.

    Clean the fender of your family wagon.

    To save time, you can clean your car's fender on the same day you wash your entire car. This will allow you to save your resources because you'll be using the same materials like automotive soap, soft rag, and water. However, if there are tire marks on your Chrysler Pacifica fender, you should use a tar remover or WD-40 to remove them from the surface. If the marks still remain, an adhesive cleaner and a compound will do the trick. The adhesive cleaner will not harm the fender's paint as long as you follow the suggested amount.

    Repaint the fender.

    When you notice that the color of your car's fender is starting to get dull, you have to consider repainting this component to bring back its bright look. The important thing you have to determine is the color code of the fender's paint. This can be found on the information sticker usually located under the hood. You will notice that the color code is a series of letters and numbers. If you're ready to purchase the paint, buy at least a gallon of paint for the fenders of your car. Remember to sand the fender properly before you apply the paint to ensure that the paint will stick. You should also buff it afterwards to get that smooth and shiny finish.

    Remove dirt from the fender well.

    Cleaning and painting the surface of the fender is not enough. You should also remove the dirt around the fender well using water from a high-pressure garden hose. This can effectively clean dirt and debris that are stuck on the fender well. You should also spray the surface with a chemical cleaner that's specifically formulated for removing dirt.