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Chrysler Pt Cruiser Window Motor

Pitfalls of Your Chrysler PT Cruiser Window Motor

Let's give a few seconds to thank the person who invented the automatic car window

Automatic windows or power windows are awesome not only because they make a simple, troublesome task of opening car windows look cool, but they are also a great way to pass the time while you are stuck in traffic. Definitely an invention on par with microwavable food, the automatic window is something to be thankful for. However like any good thing, your automatic window is bound to end or face problems. Most of the time, these problems are caused by your Chrysler PT Cruiser window motor. We listed below some of the common problems with the motor as well as some things you can do to troubleshoot them.

Window would not move

One way you can tell that you are having a bad day is when your car window does not go down during a hot day. Stuck windows are common signs of a faulty window motor or a bad window motor connection.

To check which part of the assembly causes this problem, you would need to access the motor assembly. This actually involves a lot of work because you need to detach the door frame. After a few minutes, and perhaps a couple of headaches, you need to check two things: the wires and the motor. The wires need to be properly connected and free from any form of cuts, while the motor needs to be in working condition-yup, obviously. To check them, you would need a test light and have to ground them separately. In most cases, the problem is caused by a faulty electrical connection which can easily be solved by replacing the wires.

Motor burns out

Your Chrysler PT Cruiser window motor can also burn out; yeah, buddy the constant pushing of the "up" and "down" button shortens the motor's service life. Although recent window motors are better in quality, they still bow down to time and aging. Motors that are six years or so into their lives are prone to burning out. There is not much you can do about this other than go on an online forum, complain, and be advised to replace the part. So to save you from going online, the only way to solve this is a replacement.

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  • Steps to Prolong the Service Life of Your Chrysler PT Cruiser Window Motor

    You are stuck in traffic and you hear a sudden "woosh". You are thinking about the ton of workload that needs to be done and you hear a "vuum". You plan what you eat and you get another "woosh", causing you to look at the back seat. You find your kid playing with the power window of your car and suddenly you felt annoyed. You should. Your kid is applying unnecessary stress on your Chrysler PT Cruiser window motor. More than just tying up your kid, you can do more things to take care of your window motor; here are some of them:

    Don't just use a rag

    You may already know that the window motor assembly is very prone to dirt, dust, or oil buildup; you may have already used a random rag in an attempt to clean it off.

    Most car owners choose a sand paper or their handy towel to clean the curd off. These things may get the job done but they aren't the best weapons to choose for this war; you can actually get creative with what tool you will use for the task. We recommend using a toothbrush. Toothbrushes are actually a good choice because they are soft and have long handles that allow you to go deeper into the motor's housing. There are also air compressors sold in the market that you can use. Spraying air into the motor unit will push out the debris that built-up as well as remove any cleaner/solvent that you may have applied. Using air compressors also remove the risk of scratching the motor assembly and are quite fun to use.

    Lubricate the motor regularly

    We take it that it is every driver's, as well as their kids', frustration to play with his car's power window. Given this unavoidable event, we can only recommend that you lubricate the part of the motor assembly regularly (twice a year would do). Lubricating both ends of the motor shaft as well as the main drive gear would help reduce the friction caused by the opening of the windows. This would also lessen the chances of scratching the window motor. However, remember not to put too much lubricant or oil because it risks a faster buildup inside the assembly.