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Chrysler Sebring Blower Motor

Culprits Behind a Bad Chrysler Sebring Blower Motor

Driving without cool or warm air to fill your car can get really uncomfortable. And if this happens, you can blame your Chrysler Sebring blower motor for failing to function properly. But instead of just cursing at the bad component, you can also check the fuses and wires as they are usually the culprits behind this. To help you deal with a bad blower motor, here are some helpful tips:

Blown fuse

If your blower motor isn't making any sound, you may want to check for any blown fuse as this can be the cause of your bad component. To verify this, you should replace the damaged fuses that you see on your motor. But don't just leave your motor running because you need to check on the new fuses. If your blower motor functions well and normally, then you can pat yourself at the back for a job well done. But if the new fuses blow immediately or they last a while but still blows out, you're dealing with an electrical short or damaged motor brushes that need replacement.

Loose wires

Loose wires can also be the reason for your blower motor to malfunction, so you also need to check for any sign of this. If your wires aren't properly connected, power won't be able to pass through the motor, which results to a malfunctioning blower motor. So if you find any loose wires on your blower motor, you can just simply secure them back to their proper connections and hope that this will make your component work fine again. Otherwise, you should just replace the motor if it doesn't start after you connected a wire to the ground and another to a power source.

Clogged or stuck

You may start to notice that you're A/C isn't blowing out air. If this happens on your Sebring, you can look for the blower motor on your car and lightly tap it using your clenched fist or a hammer because it can get sometimes stuck or clogged. If you feel air coming out of your vents after tapping it, then your blower motor was merely stuck. But if the tapping didn't work, you can start looking for a good blower replacement part.

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  • Useful Tips to Leave Your Chrysler Sebring Blower Motor Clean

    If you want an efficient Chrysler Sebring blower motor, you need to make sure that it's regularly cleaned and cleared of any debris that may affect its performance. If you haven't done this before on your car, don't worry because it's very easy to do. Here are some helpful maintenance tips to leave your blower motor clean:

    Clean using a vacuum cleaner.

    If you have a vacuum cleaner at home, you can use it to clean your blower motor of any debris that has accumulated there for some time. You can either completely remove your blower motor from your car or leave it attached while you use a regular or hand-held vacuum cleaner. Just make sure that you don't get screws or any other parts sucked in.

    Use a can of compressed air.

    You can use a can of compressed air as alternative for the vacuum cleaner as this can easily blow off any particles on your component. In fact, this will be very useful in removing stuck debris in hard-to-reach areas.

    Inspect regularly.

    It's advised that you regularly check your blower motor to avoid having too much debris inside as this can cause your motor to get stuck. Although you can simply tap it using your clenched fist or a hammer to unclog it, you can bet that this will happen again as more leaves enter your blower motor.

    Replace the cabin filter.

    If you plan on cleaning your blower motor, it's also best that you check if your cabin filter needs to be replaced. Having a clean blower motor will become quite useless if your cabin filter is full of debris that may just end up entering and clogging up the motor.

    Wipe with a paper towel or cloth.

    If you choose not to use a vacuum cleaner, you need to take out your blower motor and place it on a flat surface. You can use a damp paper towel or cloth to remove any grit or debris on it. You should also expect to see a lot of leaves trapped inside. In fact, these leaves cause the rustling sounds every time you turn on your A/C.