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Chrysler Starter

The Chrysler starter is a small electric motor that performs a large and difficult function. Every time you start your vehicle, the Chrysler starter must use its electric energy to create mechanical energy, turning the engine to begin engine combustion. This is no easy job in a cold engine, as there is a lot of friction between engine parts when it is cold, the oil thick and unable to lubricate properly. The crankshaft of the engine must be turned for several revolutions by the Chrysler starter in order to move the engine parts through the cycle necessary to begin combustion. The Chrysler starter uses a pinion gear that is designed to mesh with a ring gear in the engine flywheel. Most types of the Chrysler starter then use a gear reduction to enhance the output of torque by the Chrysler starter, reducing the stress placed on the starter as it performs its function. After the engine begins to run on its own, the Chrysler starter is disengaged from the flywheel and turned off. The Chrysler starter is generally mounted at the rear of the engine, or at the front of the transmission bell housing, depending on the particular vehicle model. Over time with the countless repetitions of its tough job, the Chrysler starter will become worn, beginning to perform less efficiently. If you find that the Chrysler starter is having trouble starting the vehicle intermittently, especially when the vehicle is hot, this can be an indication that it will soon fail, making prompt replacement wise to avoid an inconvenient breakdown. We carry a selection of quality Chrysler starter replacements in our online catalog, all at reasonable prices. Our secure site makes ordering your Chrysler starter fast and easy or our toll free phone line is just as convenient.