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Chrysler Timing Belt

The Chrysler timing belt is a crucial component in your vehicle, helping to ensure efficient engine performance. The Chrysler timing belt is the means by which the rotational energy produced by the engine crankshaft is transferred to the camshaft, which is the source of the movement of the valves, providing the air and fuel to the engine and expelling the waste products produced by engine combustion. The efficient production of engine power depends on this process happening in a precise and synchronized fashion. If the Chrysler timing belt is stretched or damaged, throwing off the timing of this process, the engine will become less efficient, causing performance problems in the vehicle. There are recommended replacement intervals for the Chrysler timing belt, structured to prevent a significant deterioration of the efficiency of this component. Adhering to this schedule of preventative maintenance of the Chrysler timing belt is important to ensure the best level of vehicle performance and efficiency, as well as avoiding the hassle and expense of an inconvenient vehicle breakdown. If the Chrysler timing belt has begun to wear, there may be symptoms apparent in the vehicle such as a rough running engine, a loss of engine power, hard starting, vehicle backfire, and poor fuel mileage. If your vehicle is showing the signs of a worn Chrysler timing belt, having it replaced quickly is wise. If the Chrysler timing belt breaks your vehicle will stop running to leave you stranded, and in some engines, the belt can cause expensive engine damage as it breaks. We carry a selection of quality Chrysler timing belt replacements in our online catalog, all at great low prices. Our secure site makes ordering easy and we have a toll-free phone line available, staffed by friendly professionals that will be happy to take your Chrysler timing belt order.