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Chrysler Town And Country Suspension Lift Kit

Suspension is that portion of your Chrysler Town and Country vehicle that connects the wheels to the frame and controls ride quality and handling. A Chrysler Town and Country suspension system is comprised of Chrysler Town and Country suspension parts working hand in hand to provide ease in handling and braking maintaining the safety and comfort of your passengers in case it has to pass through road bumps and the like. If you thought your car's suspension was only to make your ride comfortable, you're right, but it makes the car handle a lot better, too.

Imagine your car without its suspension parts such as springs and shocks or shock absorbers, but simply fixed wheels which went up and down with your car's body. Every time your auto hit a small bump, the wheel going over the bump would rise into the air. Suspension helps to keep the wheels on the ground by pressing them downward. Suspensions are mounted at the front and rear areas of your vehicle, having Hydrolastic displacers, one for each side. When the front and rear wheels encounter bumps or dips together, one cannot take precedent over the other, so the fluid suspension stiffens in response to the combined upward motion. Suspension while acting as a damper, transfers the load to the tuber instead, giving a controlled, vertical, but level motion to the car.

A car's suspension can still be improved. There are several alterations that you can make in your trucks' springs and shocks to better enhance its handling capabilities. Most auto experts recommend the use of lowering springs and compatible shock absorbers which are often sold as a matched set or a kit. There are also kits designed to increase the space between a vehicle's suspension and its frame or between its body and its frame. Lift kits make it possible to fit larger wheels and tires underneath the vehicle for increased ground clearance and suspension travel. A kit may include blocks, add-a-leafs, new leaf springs, coil spring spacers, elevated spindles, replacement control arms and special brackets to accumulate suspension parts lower on a frame.

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