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Coil Over Shock Absorber

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Not satisfied with your vehicle's stock coil springs and shock absorbers? Well, why not get rid of these parts and, in their place, install a coil over shock absorber? A coil over shock absorber is a mono-tube shock absorber that allows you to incorporate coil spring features on the shock absorber itself.So this high-quality shock absorber can dissipate vibrations from road irregularities, maintain ride height, and improve tire traction at the same time. Aside from being a two-in-one suspension part, the coil over shock absorber offers you the advantages of being adjustable and revalveable.This way, you can customize this shock absorber to deliver the exact suspension performance you want. Convinced? Carparts offers you coil over shock absorbers only from the top-caliber manufacturers in the aftermarket industry. Simply check out our complete catalogs and take your pick.

• Keeps vehicle handling at its best

• Rebuildable, meaning you don't have to replace the entire absorber should one part become defective

• Designed to have long service life