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Connecting Pipe

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All show and no go. This is probably the best way to describe 'ricers' (cars with cheap and useless aftermarket modifications). Ricers put a premium on looks, not performance, to make their cars look fast.Some ricers go through great lengths in order to amp up their cars' exhausts sound. This can go as far as removing a connecting pipe or two from the exhaust system to increase noise. Car modification is really more of a science than an art.Real performance freaks hook their cars to dynamometers and test their cars on the track each time they perform modifications. The exhaust system is no different. Each connecting pipe and exhaust component has to be of a certain shape or size to produce a certain number of horsepower gain.Everything has to fit right. Remember, it's best to modify the exhaust system for performance. Carparts should have the connecting pipes you need to tweak your car's exhaust system.

• High-quality pipe construction guarantees zero leaks

• Each pipe is sold individually

• Keeps the exhaust system working reliably