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Conti is the worlwide specialist in rubber technology for automotive and industrial applications.

Conti has an extensive array of high quality automotive parts and components ranging from hoses to air spring systems.

Cont products are recognized for their good quality and durability.

Each product from Conti's catalog pass the highest quality standards set by the company.

Everyone has their bad days. If your car's performance is suffering because of a clogged diesel inj. hose, you're definitely going to have bad days every time you drive. Better solve the problem right away with the ContiTech Diesel Inj. Hose. A clogged diesel inj. hose will do several things to your engine. First, it will make it hard to start or it may not start at all. Second, your car is going to accelerate poorly, meaning you'll be left eating dust from other cars on the road. Third, it's going to guzzle up your fuel faster than you can say, "no fair!" And finally, it's going to ruin your engine in the long run by making it work harder to produce enough power for normal driving. There's only one solution to these problems - the ContiTech Diesel Inj. Hose. There is no way you can clean clogged diesel inj. hoses, and mechanics would advise you against it. One remedy to get your car back into shape is by replacing those troublesome hoses. It's much better to spend on a little replacement product than to churn out hundreds in repair costs.