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StormProof Car Cover by Coverking

Everything you Need to Know about a Coverking StormProof Car Cover

Coverking's StormProof car covers are just one series in its extensive lineup of products designed to protect your car. However, you shouldn't simply choose an item from this class simply because it's one of the best the brand has to offer. You need to understand what makes it great in the first place for you to get the most out of your purchase. For a relatively pricey accessory, the last thing you want to happen is waste lots of money for something so awesome, but it's one you really don't need. Here's a complete rundown of everything you need to know about CoverKing StormProof car covers:

Reliability: Coverking StormProof covers are the perfect shield for your car against outdoor hazards. These are guaranteed to prevent water, extreme wind, dust, and snow from tarnishing your car's paint job. These also do a great job preventing harmful UV rays from landing on your ride. The fact that these covers aren't coated or treated with special chemicals makes these very loose and breathable. Everything these parts need in order to do their job are in the textile, seams, and stitches. Even after two to three years of use, StormProof covers still feel and perform as if they've just been opened for the first time.

Fit: StormProof covers are tailored to fit any passenger sedan, hatch, SUV, and truck. The cloth protects your car from the roof up to the base of the wheels. With plenty of colors to choose from, you can also match the cover's look to the paint of your ride.

Proper use: On those days when it's extra windy outside, StormProof covers still have a tendency to be slightly blown away. This exposes the car to a small amount of the elements and lessens the protection it gets. To avoid this type of situation, use cables, grommets, and some bungee cords to tie the edges of the cover firmly onto the ground or to the wheel wells. When StormProof car covers aren't in use, it's highly recommended that you properly fold and keep these in a clean and safe space. Doing this ensures that you protect the precious fabric from any form of dust and dirt that may damage its shielding properties.

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Coverking StormProof Car Cover Articles

  • How a Coverking StormProof Car Cover Fares as a Cover

    As one of the premier items in Coverking's lineup of car covers, the StormProof series guarantees lots of performance benefits to keep your ride's exterior looking brand new. The company says that this is one of the ideal sheets to use to protect your car against natural elements such as rain, snow, wind, dirt, and many more. But don't simply take the label's word for it. These should be tested first to see if StormProof covers really lives up to their hype, and if Coverking really is one of the best for car covers. Read on below to see how it fared based on performance, fit, and price:

    Did it really perform as promised? (5/5 stars)

    Car covers are all about protection. StormProof certainly delivers in this department. When the product was tested, it was the middle of a rainy season. Amazingly, drops of water just run off its smooth micro-fiber base and splash to the ground. Something similar also happened to snow and dust. Once the cover was stripped off, there really weren't any traces of the elements on the body. The StormProof cover also did a nice job of not scratching the paint job in any form. This was probably due to the light and breathable fabric it used.

    Was it easy to put on? (4/5 stars)

    Coverking StormProof covers are designed to hug and conform to the shape of your car like a hand-to-glove fit. One of the things you just have to be mindful of when installing one of these is to slot the wing mirrors in place, loosen it from areas it may stick to, and get it to go under your car. Whether it's a big and monstrous SUV, or a small compact car, simply orient the fabric and easily guide it on the body. Taking it off is also as easy as putting it on.

    Is it reasonably priced? (3/5 stars)

    Considering that one order of Coverking's StormProof car covers range from $250 to almost $350, investing on this product certainly isn't light on the pocket. It was easy to see where your money goes when you consider its performance. However, it would've been nice if accessories like a sturdy storage bag or some securing cables were also thrown in as a package.

    Overall rating: 4/5