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Crank Position Sensor

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As long as it's properly maintained, a car's engine should last for at least a decade. If your car's engine suddenly dies in the middle of the road, you shouldn't delay checking on the parts in the engine bay.The engine's sensors can be quite sensitive and become defective over time. One such sensor is the crank position sensor. It's commonly found on engines with a direct ignition system. Instead of a distributor, this ignition system is equipped with an ignition module.For the module to start working, though, it needs information from the crank position sensor. The sensor detects the engine's RPM and the crankshaft's position and speed, allowing the ignition module to fire the spark plugs in the correct order. With a faulty crankshaft position sensor, the ignition module fails altogether-totally shutting down your car's engine.You won't be able to start the engine unless you install a replacement. You'll find premium crank position sensors at Carparts.

• Ensures proper ignition timing

• Sends accurate information on engine RPM and crankshaft position and speed

• Available at Carparts and engineered to last longer than stock counterparts