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CRE products protect your truck from down under.

Stop mud and road debris from screwing up your truck with CRE products

CRE ensures that each product in its inventory is guaranteed high-quality.

Each CRE product pass through strict quality control to ensure maximum performance.

There are a lot of truck owners out there. Ask them whether they prefer driving on or off the road and most of them will tell you it's the latter. There's no thrill compared to kicking up dust in the great American outdoors. The only problem is, those pesky rocks getting thrown up and scratching your rocker panels. If you're one of the many who has this same kind of problem, then this is just the stuff for you- the CRE Rocker Flares. They offer complete protection for your rocker panels against rocks, gravel, or whatever the road throws at you. These aren't like your ordinary rocker flares which look ugly after some drilling. They give your truck a rugged, customized look without having to bore any holes. Installing it is easy. It comes with rubberized double adhesive tapes which stick to your rocker panels like gum. It has factory-drilled expansion holes plus a bunch of pre-notched cutouts in case you decide to install nerf bars in the future. It doesn't really matter whether your truck has a flatbed or running boards. The CRE Rocker Flares is available in either two or four-piece sets. You can even buy its individuals parts in case you have to replace them after a collision. It's made of heavy-duty, black-textured plastic with a one-year warranty as proof of its quality. So what are you waiting for- Keep rocks from ever scratching your rocker panels again. Get the CRE Rocker Flares right now!

No one likes mud, especially if gets on your truck's paint. There's really nothing more annoying than getting your truck washed, only to have mud splattered all over it. Don't blame the rain because you can't do anything about it. What you could do is put CRE Mud Guards on your truck to keep mud from splashing. Unlike stock or conventional OEM mud guards, these are designed to be longer and wider. You can position them as low or as wide under your wheel wells as you want. The idea is to provide as much cover over your tires as possible to keep mud from splashing up from them. And these aren't as flabby as stock and conventional OEM mud guards. They are flexible enough to prevent breaking in case you run over boulders, while they're rigid enough to keep from being blown back and made useless by strong winds or flood waters. Whether running at high speeds over dusty desert roads, cruising along the highway on a rainy day or skimming though a flash flood, the CRE Mud Guards will keep doing their job. There are plenty of sizes and designs to choose from. You can even choose one with a graphic design to really match your lifestyle or personality. Each set comes with its own mounting hardware as well as an easy-to-follow installation guide for easy setup. Stop worrying about getting mud and road grime all over your truck. Get the CRE Mud Guards now!