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Cruise Control Lever

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For some drivers, using the turn signal lever makes them accidentally hit the cruise control lever as well. Despite what critics of this design say, it's really all about getting used to it. The more you use the system, the less often you will accidentally activate it.This lever allows you to easily put your car into cruise control mode. Cruise control can be convenient on long stretches of road with minimal to zero traffic. The feature keeps your car running at a stable speed, preventing you from going over any speed limits.In any case, the cruise control lever has a mechanism very similar to the main combination switch lever. Through time, the lever may start going haywire and cause cruise control to suddenly activate or deactivate.If this ever happens, better replace the lever immediately. This is clearly a safety issue, and it won't cost you much to fix it. You'll find quality replacements here at Carparts.

• The lever provides you with a quick way to activate cruise control.

• Our cruise control levers are designed for easy handling.

• Our cruise control levers are more durable than stock levers.