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CV Boot

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The Constant Velocity boot or the CV boot is the rubber casing that you can find covering your CV joint at the CV axle of your car. They are all part of the shaft assemblies used in front-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive vehicles. In the case of four-wheel-drives, they are called half-shafts because there is one assembly each for the front and rear portions of the vehicle. The shaft assemblies supply torque to the wheels while they are turning and to the suspension while it is moving up and down.
The CV boot protects both the inner and outer portions of the CV joint and keeps away water, pebbles, and other road dirt from entering into and damaging it. The inner CV joint controls changes in suspension and ride height, while the outer one provides even torque transfer. So when the boot is ripped or cracked, the lubricant inside it could spread and mix with the dirt, damage the joint even more, and affect steering and suspension. Damage to the CV boot leads to damage to the CV joint, sooner or later.
It is therefore wise to attend to the littlest sign of defect in the CV boot immediately. Doing so could save you money because the CV joint is much more expensive to replace. You will know that something is wrong with your CV boot when you hear of a clicking sound while your wheels are turning and feel a shudder while you are accelerating or decelerating. Replacement CV boots and joints are readily available in stores and you may want do the job yourself if you want to save money. Some car owners find it more practical to replace their CV axles along with their CV boots. You should consider it, too, after calculating the costs.

CV Boot Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About CV Boot

    Maintain proper vehicle handling even when you drive in high speeds/ Purchase a high-grade CV boot kit now/
    As a performance enthusiast, the last thing you need is bad handling. Sure, flat-out speeds are nice but somewhat hazardous to your health if you don't have the handles to complement them. That's why it's important to maintain a smooth rotation on your wheels. To do this, there needs to be a steady transfer of torque to your drive shaft. That's where the Constant Velocity (CV) joint comes in. However, the CV joint needs protection from the CV Boot Kit.
    The main function of a CV quick boot kit is to give you everything you need to prevent road debris from entering the CV joint. Aside from protecting the components of the CV driveshaft, the CV boot is used to hold in the grease in the CV joint. This kit comes with one new boot, clips, grease, and clamps. OE CV boots are made from neoprene, which is more scratch resistant and durable compared to plastic and rubber. Additionally, installation is easy because the kit contains all the necessary components.
    Protection for the CV joint is a must. That's why you have to make sure that your car is equipped with a premium CV Boot Kit. Once protected, you can be sure your wheels will be performing way beyond your expectations.

  • CV Boot: Just the Facts

    Torn boots always mean bad news, especially if said boots cover the constant velocity (CV) joints on your car's wheel axles. Aside from spinning the wheels whenever you hit the throttle, CV joints also let the axles flex in any direction.This allows the wheels to keep spinning despite irregularities on the road. A CV boot covers each joint for protection against road debris and moisture. When the boot gets damaged and mud or water comes into contact with the CV joint, you can expect your smooth driving experience to go down the drain.As the grease lubricating each joint becomes more contaminated, your vehicle becomes more difficult to maneuver through bumps and potholes on the road. Without a CV boot to protect it, the CV joint would also wear out prematurely, leaving you no choice but to shell out big bucks for a CV joint replacement.Don't let the problem get that bad-replace the CV boots when necessary. For high-quality, affordable CV boots, you can trust Auto Parts Deal.

    • Protect the CV joints from premature damage

    • Engineered to fit most stock CV joints

    • Designed to withstand constant exposure to road hazards and debris

  • CV Boot: What Every Car Owner Should Know

    Understanding the importance of constant velocity (CV) boot requires knowing the basics of CV joint. These two are inseparable! Vehicles with modern axles are equipped with CV joints. The inner CV joint is responsible for taking care of changes in ride height and suspension, while the outer CV joint makes sure torque is evenly transferred to the CV shaft.Now, to protect the CV joint from road grime and debris is the task of the CV boot kit. Made from rubber casting, each of the kit's CV boots prevents water, dirt, and other minute debris from entering the CV joint and damaging it. So you shouldn't put off replacing worn-out CV boots!Using damaged CV boots puts the CV joints in danger as well. When looking for the best CV boot kit for your vehicle, trust Auto Parts Deal and take advantage of our discounted prices.

    • Protects your vehicle's CV joints from damage

    • Includes CV boots for both the inner and outer CV joints, and the needed clips for attaching the boots to the CV joints

    • Last longer provided that grease is properly applied