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Offering the perfect marriage of great form and unbeatable style, Deflecta-Shield's aluminum product line provides truck, van and SUV owners some of the highest quality accessories on the market. Deflecta-Shield tool boxes are expertly engineered and constructed for lasting performance, from popular Deflecta-Shield tool boxes to the latest look in running boards for enhanced style and easier vehicle access. Your pride in your vehicle will shine through with Deflecta-Shield tool boxes, running boards, air deflectors and other fine quality aluminum accessories.
Deflecta-Shield tool boxes are available in a wide array of styles, designs and installation forms to suit your personal vehicle needs. Powerful protection and functionality are built in to every Deflecta-Shield tool box. One of the most popular models, the Seal-Tite Low Profile storage tool box, affords greater rear-window visibility with its ultra-low profile design. The Seal-Tite features a plastic tool tray for storing small parts, a rubber floor mat to keep cargo from shifting, and a rigid foam-filled lid with fuller opening capacity than leading brands: nearly 90 degrees. No more feeling around in the dark for the tool you need/ This tool box is available in polished or diamond finish, and provides safety, security and opening ease with a T-handled automotive-grade rotary latch.
Another favorite Deflecta-Shield tool box is the Challenger Gull Wing Crossover storage box. Increased strength, rigidity and sound reduction is provided by a unique foam-reinforced dome-style lid. Inside is ample storage space with a deep molded tool tray and two stationary trays for superior organization. The body is constructed of extra-thick, high grade diamond-plated aluminum that resists rust, pitting and peeling. Increased security and smooth, automatic lid lifting is achieved with quick-release stainless steel paddle handles featuring twin 55-pound struts. You can install this Deflecta-Shield tool box with ease, using rugged drill-free J-Bolt mounting hardware. In fact, every Deflecta-Shield tool box features hassle-free installation that will maximize the utility of your cargo space in no time, and add to the overall look of your vehicle.
Enhance the overall appearance and functionality of your car, truck or SUV with superior Deflecta-Shield running boards. Available in two series, the Challenger and the Delta III, Deflecta-Shield running boards fit most popular cargo vehicles and come in a multitude of styles, including black anodized, black premium extended, aluminum, extruded aluminum, and long box, Brite anodized. Deflecta-Shield running boards are a snap to install and offer the classic large vehicle look, with added protection features like stone guards and non-slip surface finishes.

Deflecta Shield Brand Articles

  • Choosing the Right Deflecta Shield Product, For the Right Job

    The Deflecta Shield name means a lot more than just bug shieldspremium running boards, tool boxes, and other truck accessories are waiting for you too

    You can get a Deflecta Shield tool box in a simple yet rugged configuration or with all the bells and whistles

    Deflecta Shield running boards come in ABS plastic if you like the molded look, or in diamond plate for a more rugged appearance

    All Deflecta Shield running boards offer easy installation with the included hardware and complete instructions

    If you're a contractor or someone who works with his or her truck, you no doubt already know the value of a Deflecta Shield tool box. With several different styles of Deflecta Shield tool box available, there's one to meet nearly any specific need or budget. But you don't have to be a contractor to find the value in a Deflecta Shield tool box. If you've ever had small, light cargo, or sensitive cargo, that you've wanted to carry in the bed of your truck, you've had a use for a Deflecta Shield tool box. If you've wanted lockable storage for anything that you didn't want to keep in your truck cab, you've had a use for a Deflecta Shield tool box. If you've ever wanted weatherproof storage for tools, equipment, or cargo, you've had a use for a Deflecta Shield tool box. See what we mean? With hydraulic struts, side and rear lids, diamond-tread aluminum construction, and a variety of finishes, the Deflecta Shield tool box perfect for you is waiting for you. And whatever truck you drive the've got a Deflecta Shield tool box model that will fit between the outside rails or even down in the bedthat's an option too. So get weatherproof, lockable, great looking protection for whatever you want to carry. Get a Deflecta Shield tool box.

    What kind of look do you want from your Deflecta Shield running boards? Whether you're into the black anodized look, ridged aluminum, body colored ABS, or tubular-style step bars, there's a set of Deflecta Shield running boards that will give your truck the look you've been after. But first things first: Deflecta Shield running boards feature wide non-skid tread surfaces, many running the full length of your Deflecta Shield running boards. That ensures that you and your passengers get the safest possible stepping surface for getting into and out of your truck or SUV. Once you've got that aspect covered, the next thing you need to do is figure out what style Deflecta Shield running boards you want on your vehicle. Sportrend ABS Deflecta Shield running boards are great if you want to paint your boards the same color as your vehicle. They also feature smooth, contoured lines that flow well with your truck or SUVs styling. Trailback Deflecta Shield running boards look like high-end tubular step bars, and are available in black or bright anodized finishes that stay shiny even in harsh conditions. Challenger diamond plate Deflecta Shield running boards are great if you have a diamond plate tool box to go with them, and the Delta III and Ultima Deflecta Shield running boards feature tough metal construction and easy installation. There truly are Deflecta Shield running boards for just about everyone, so take a look and see what suits you best.