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Maintain your car's excellent form and function by equipping it with superb replacement parts like Delphi products. This brand's offerings are made from highly reliable materials to ensure long-lasting service.
No car goes out of the factory without having all needed parts intact in their proper locations. Although the car components installed in brand-new cars are durable, it's inevitable that some of your car's components will fail after a period of constant use. In case the inevitable happens, don't worry-there are Delphi products available in the market that serve as ideal replacements for your car's broken components.
Delphi is a trusted brand in a diverse range of auto components. Whether you need new parts for your air conditioning system, fuel-injection system, or exhaust system, Delphi is the name to trust. The brand also manufactures sensors, fuel-management components, mobile electronics, microelectronics, security systems, and powertrain components for many automotive applications. Globally known for manufacturing competitive auto parts, Delphi uses premium materials and matches these with advanced manufacturing processes. Delphi never rests in bringing the best to the market. In fact, just recently, Delphi revealed its revolutionary Direct Acting Diesel Common Rail System along with the Multec Diesel Common Rail System. These systems help reduce emissions and improve fuel economy at the same time. These are only some examples of what Delphi has to offer to car owners like you.
If you want to get the best for your car's vital systems when they inevitably fail, trust Delphi. With many different industries counting on the company's varied range of products, there's no doubt you can trust this brand for your auto part needs. If you need replacements for the various systems on your car, Delphi is definitely a great choice.

Delphi Brand Articles

  • Choosing the Right Delphi Product, For the Right Job

    As the world's largest and most diversified supplier of automotive parts, Delphi designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of auto parts.

    The Delphi brand has become synonymous with high quality automotive products.

    Each Delphi part is guaranteed to have passed through strict quality standards.

    Delphi assures that every product it manufactures is of high quality.

    Since birth, you have been blessed with five senses. But there are people who do well with only four or even fewer senses, but not your car. It needs every sensor working to keep it running at peak performance, especially the air temp. sensor. Without it, your car would use up the fuel in your tank in no time. Better replace that broken sensor with the Delphi Air Temp. Sensor. Or else, you'll feel your fuel budget rise painfully. Your engine needs air to run - lots of it. It doesn't just run on fuel alone. Fuel is mixed with air before it gets burned in the engine to produce power. However, the computer needs to mix the right amount of fuel depending on the temperature of air. The cooler the air your engine breathes, the more fuel is needed for combustion. But if your engine has no idea what the temperature of air is, it tends to inject more fuel than is needed. That's why your fuel costs skyrocket. Fix it with the Delphi Air Temp. Sensor. It will keep pumping accurate air temperature readings into your car's computer to help the engine mix the right amounts. No more wild guesses. This sensor has been tested for accuracy and durability to last throughout your engine's lifetime. Stop wasting fuel. Place your order for the Delphi Air Temp. Sensor right here in CarParts right now!

    It is common knowledge that the engine's cooling system is what keeps it from overheating. It's also a fact that exhaust gases cause the most heat build-up under your hood. But there's more to exhaust gases than just heat. That's why you need the EGR valve pos. sensor in your engine working. If it's not, replace it with the Delphi EGR Valve Pos. Sensor right away! Or else, you'll be missing out on its special benefit. EGR stands for 'exhaust gas recirculation'. That's what the EGR valve is for - to let in small amounts of exhaust gases back into the combustion cycle. It may puzzle most of you but it actually makes sense. Exhaust gases can no longer be burned - they're products of combustion. So by putting some of it back into the combustion chambers, you're actually limiting the amount of heat produced inside your engine. The end result is a cooling effect unknown to most car owners. That's why you need the Delphi EGR Valve Pos. Sensor. Your engine needs this sensor to control the EGR valve. It has to let in only a small amount of exhaust gas to achieve the cooling effect. Delphi makes sure this sensor delivers accurate position readouts to your engine. Its durable design will last throughout your engine's lifetime. So stop waiting and get the Delphi EGR Valve Pos. Sensor now only here at CarParts!

    If there's anything that can make drivers panic, it's an overheating engine. Remember, when steam suddenly spews out from your hood, DO NOT shut off the engine. Drive safely to the side of the road and pop the hood. If you can pop open a fire hydrant, that'll be better. You need loads of water to bring the temperature down. You could have avoided trouble if your water temp. sensor were working. Replace it with the Delphi Water Temp. Sensor. The common mistake of drivers when their engine overheats is to shut it off. That's actually bad because you're shutting down the cooling system down as well. Instead, you should slowly open the radiator cap to let off pressure first, then open it completely and fill up the radiator. Put a moist towel over the cap to avoid being scalded. Keep filling the radiator with water until the temperature goes down. Keep the a/c going to get the auxiliary fan working as well. Then remember to replace the water temp. sensor with the Delphi Water Temp. Sensor. It will help you avoid all the trouble by warning you early on if the engine temperature is rising. Delphi tests each sensor for ultimate accuracy and durability. This sensor is guaranteed to last throughout your engine's service lifetime. Overheating is your engine's worst enemy. For your engine's sake, replace that broken sensor. Get the Delphi Water Temp. Sensor now here at CarParts!