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The Diamond Eye down pipe helps improve your exhaust system's overall performance through superior gas flow.

Crafted using rust-resistant stainless steel or hard-wearing aluminized steel, this product is guaranteed to be durable and long-lasting.

It features a mandrel-bent tubing that offers better gas flow compared to your flat stock down pipe.

This down pipe gives you up to six years of warranty coverage from Diamond Eye.

Having a high-performance exhaust system starts with keeping all its subcomponents in great working order. A cracked-up down pipe can block the flow of exhaust gases in your vehicle, leading to engine breakdown. Ensure efficient exhaust flow by replacing your worn pipe with the Diamond Eye down pipe. The Diamond Eye down pipe is a replacement, high performance down pipe that helps increase exhaust gas flow throughout your vehicle with its wider and crimp-free pipe diameter. Its larger inside diameter helps prevent gas buildup in your exhaust system, allowing noxious fumes from your engine to easily escape your vehicle immediately after these gases are produced. Crafted using either durable aluminized steel or corrosion-resistant stainless steel, this pipe is guaranteed to be more hardwearing compared to your standard, factory, stock down pipe. Its mandrel-bent tubing also keeps this pipe absolutely free of crimps and crushing at the bend, ensuring superior, obstruction-free exhaust gas flow for years. So keep your exhaust system in top working condition by giving it an upgrade. Just invest in this quality down pipe from Diamond Eye today!

Can't decide between an auto component that will enhance your engine power and one that will boost your exhaust's performance? You can kill two birds with one stone when you invest in the Diamond Eye exhaust system. The Diamond Eye exhaust system is a performance exhaust system that maximizes exhaust flow throughout your car through its wider-than-average, 5-inch pipe diameter. Using a single outlet and inlet muffler design, this exhaust system provides your vehicle with just one exhaust exit for better exhaust gas flow. Manufactured using either high-grade 409 stainless steel or 16-gauge aluminized steel, this exhaust system is also crafted to be one of the toughest performance systems on the market. Each Diamond Eye performance exhaust system prevents gas buildup inside your engine, keeping your vehicle in top shape for years! By removing all traces of damaging exhaust fumes in your ride, this performance exhaust system helps improve your fuel economy, throttle response, torque, and horsepower-easily making this product an excellent long-term investment for your vehicle!

Like the rest of your car's systems, most of your exhaust's components lie hidden from view. But there's one exhaust subcomponent that peeks out from the rear of your ride, and that's your vehicle's exhaust tip. Make sure that the visible part of your exhaust system looks just as appealing as the rest of your vehicle's auto body by investing in the Diamond Eye exhaust tip today. The Diamond Eye exhaust tip is a replacement part that installs at the end of your exhaust system. This is where your exhaust gases exit from your vehicle. Because exhaust gases carry corrosive agents, this exhaust tip is manufactured from extra-strong T-304 stainless steel, which can keep this component rust-free for a very long time. Each exhaust tip has a 6-inch outlet diameter and a 5-inch inlet diameter that allows maximum gas flow from your exhaust pipes. Aside from its functional benefits, this product is also crafted to be stylish, allowing it to enhance your vehicle's styling. Its mirror finish is definitely attention-grabbing. Easy installation is also guaranteed. No need for drilling! To install this product, simply clamp it into place.