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Side Marker by Digi-Tails

Lighting components are indispensable parts of your vehicle. Without functional lights on the vehicle's exterior, it is unsafe to drive at night or in poor visibility conditions. This is why your vehicle comes installed with various lighting components. Each light is strategically placed along the vehicle's exterior, to ensure all-around protection for your vehicle.

Side marker lights, for example, make idle vehicles conspicuous to other drivers. With these lights, a driver can slow down or stop just in time to avoid collision with an idle vehicle. You can install a number of side marker lights on your vehicle, depending on your vehicle's length. And to be sure that you use only durable, high-quality lights, choose the Digi-Tails side marker. This side marker from Digi-Tails can give your vehicle more benefits in terms of visibility, safety, and aesthetics. The Digi-Tails side marker uses 56 high-intensity, wide-angle LED light emitters that enable this side marker to give off a brighter beam. This ensures that your vehicle is visible even in the most poorly-lit conditions, preventing accidents and collisions. Also, the Digi-Tails side marker offers a dual intensity feature that enables the side marker to work as a front turn signal. When the side marker is used as a turn signal, the light emitters activate in a sequence. This gives your vehicle a more interesting look.

Visibility is an important factor to consider on the road, especially at night. Increased vehicle visibility means a greater chance of avoiding accidents. With a Digi-Tails side marker on your vehicle, you need not worry about visibility. You don't even have to worry about installation, since the Digi-Tails side marker comes with a pigtail installation kit. Browse our catalog at Inner Auto Parts for the best deals on Digi-Tails side markers. We have a wide array of automotive side marker lighting options, including the Digi-Tails side marker light.

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