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Distributor Rotor

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Ignite your vehicle the way it should be/ Equip your distributor with a sturdy distributor rotor and transmit high voltage pulses at the right time.
Your car's ignition system produces the high voltage electricity needed to start the engine. Its ignition coil amplifies the low current from the battery into tens of thousands of volts. The distributor then transfers these high-volt pulses to the spark plugs at the cylinders. But to transmit current to the spark plugs at the right time, the distributor needs a rotating part called the distributor rotor.
Mounted on the distributor shaft, the ignition rotor spins inside the distributor cap as fast as the camshaft or at half the speed of the crankshaft. As it rotates, the rotor arm transmits the electric current to a number of points in the distributor cap. Because there's really no contact between the rotor and these points, the electrical spark only "jumps" from the tip of the rotor to the cap terminals, all the way to the spark plugs. Given this crucial function, the distributor rotor must always be in tiptop condition. A rusty or worn-out rotor will just create misfires in your ignition system.
The success of the ignition process heavily depends on the rotor. So if you notice that your rotor is acting up, it's about time to have it inspected and probably replaced. It's ideal to replace the rotor together with the distributor cap for ensured performance. And lest you risk your ignition system, get only original equipment replacement parts from trustworthy stores.

Distributor Rotor Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Distributor Rotor

    Understanding how your automobile produces its own power is easy once you're familiar with the ignition system. The ignition system is an assembly of auto parts that initiates the operations of your vehicle's engine, setting your entire vehicle into motion. Before high-voltage electricity from the ignition coil can make it to the spark plugs (and into the engine's cylinders for fuel ignition), the electric current first passes through the distributor rotor. The rotor is responsible for sending electric sparks to the spark plug wires connected to the distributor cap. More importantly, the distributor rotor transfers energy to the spark plug wires in the correct order and at the right timing. Properly-timed fuel combustion allows your vehicle's engine to perform at its best. So when the engine starts producing less power, check the distributor rotor for signs of damage. And if the damage happens to be beyond repair, don't worry. We've got the best choices for your vehicle's next distributor rotor waiting at our online catalogs.

    • Works as the actual distributor of high voltage from the ignition coil

    • Rotates past each terminal in the distributor cap without actually touching the terminal, for safe voltage transfer

    • Guarantees properly-timed fuel ignition