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Dodge A/C Condenser

Dodge A/C Condenser For more than nine decades, Dodge motors have produced vehicles that cater to people who love fun, performance and reliability. Their vehicles have been produced to provide to every car enthusiasts needs and wants. Chrysler motors have been marketing this marque since 1928 and have continued to show pride and trust to the standards these vehicles provide. With a Dodge vehicle you not only get great designs and performance but also a pleasant and comfortable drive. All of a Dodge vehicle's components and parts offer great reliability and service and contributes to the overall essence of the vehicle. One of the parts that provide great comfort is the Dodge A/C condenser.

It gets very infuriating and irritable when you drive all sweaty and sticky on a hot day. Having a busted A/C condenser only makes matters worse. Driving with a car with a broken air conditioning system on a hot day can cause many problems. Arriving at your destination all wet and sweaty can be a bit embarrassing, not to mention the uneasy feeling you get. If you're a/C condenser don't work, it affects the whole A/C system, it will be reduced to blowing warm air. The Dodge A/C condenser is a vital element needed for a cool and optimized operation of your Dodge's air conditioning system.

How does the Dodge A/C condenser affect the air conditioning system? The Dodge A/C condenser emits the heat of the refrigerant, which usually is a Freon gas. The refrigerant agent is passed to the hot air by the AC compressor, cools it then turns it into liquid form. The engine fan would usually aid in the cooling of the refrigerant, although an additional condenser fan would still be needed for front-wheel drive cars. The liquid refrigerant would still be warm but not as hot as the gas in the compressor. An expansion valve would further transform the liquid refrigerant into cold, gaseous form so that it could once again absorb the warm air inside your Dodge's interior.

  • Closer Look at Dodge A/C Condenser

    As you drive your Dodge in the summer months, there are many days that will require the use of the air conditioning system. In order for it to be available when you need it, all of the components must be properly maintained, including the Dodge AC condenser. The purpose of the Dodge AC condenser is to remove heat from the inside of the vehicle, using the flow of air when driving. It does this with a special coolant that is compressed into gas as it enters the part, and because gas has molecules that are further apart than a liquid, it cools easier. Before the gas exits the Dodge AC condenser, it is turned back to liquid as it flows through the expansion valve, and the liquid coolant is then free to absorb more heat from the inside of the vehicle. The Dodge AC condenser is located in front of the radiator where it is especially prone to gather road debris, such as pebbles, dirt, leaves, and insects. In order for it to cool properly, it is necessary to clean the cooling fins every once in a while with a tool known as a fin comb. After many years, road debris and rust may combine to eat away the metal structure of the Dodge AC condenser. When it is necessary to replace it, you will find the correct model for your vehicle in our vast online catalog, at a significantly lower price than what you would pay at a dealership for a similar part. In addition to the Dodge AC condenser, you will find a full range of other parts and accessories for your Dodge, all safe and easy to order online or via our toll-free telephone number.