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Dodge Air Deflector

Does the wind coming in through your sunroof feel like it is about to lift your vehicle up and away? A Dodge air deflector made to fit that sunroof and protect it from wind resistance can help. Your sunroof can be damaged from the constant battering of the wind, perhaps making its hardware fail, and the noise created by the wind drag can be very loud and annoying. The Dodge air deflector is custom molded to fit each vehicle model, and is made in a variety of colors, such as clear, smoke and black, among others, or can be painted to match your vehicle. If you like to have your windows open for air as you drive, but the noise and force of the wind makes it uncomfortable, the side window Dodge air deflector would be a good accessory for your vehicle, designed to direct the flow of air away from your open window, along with the noise it makes. To further reduce wind resistance and noise all around your vehicle, and give a smoother ride there are Dodge air deflector styles for both the front and rear. The Dodge air deflector for the front mounts to the hood, diverting the airflow up and over the hood and windshield of the vehicle, helping it to slice through the wind. The rear Dodge air deflector helps smooth the flow of air as it goes over the rear window. Both help the vehicle to be aerodynamic and can increase fuel efficiency. We carry a selection of the Dodge air deflector at great low prices in our online catalog. Ordering on our secure site is a breeze, or you can use our toll-free phone line to place your Dodge air deflector order just as easily.