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Dodge Alternator

Every time you start your Dodge, the steps that are taken to enable the vehicle to start may not be readily apparent. The first step in the in the starting process is the battery, but without the Dodge alternator, the battery would not have the power to supply the starter with enough current to start the engine. While your vehicle is running, the Dodge alternator is constantly working. It obviously charges the battery, but what many people do not realize is that it provides all the power while the vehicle is running, as well. If the Dodge alternator were to fail, the vehicle would have to rely on battery power only, and that is sure to be a short trip, especially if extra accessories such as the heater and lights are used. Fortunately, the Dodge alternator is designed to be a redundant system, unlike the DC generator that it replaced in common usage. The Dodge alternator actually houses three separate sources of alternating current, and alternating current is the same type of electricity as the type in your house. Through some innovative technical wizardry, the Dodge alternator combines these three sources of power and converts them into the direct current that the vehicle relies upon. When one of the individual sources of electricity within the Dodge alternator fails, the total output is reduced. Eventually the rest of the unit will fail from increased demand. Our online catalog has the perfect replacement for your old Dodge alternator, typically at a lower price than what the dealership would charge. With our quick shipping, you will have your new Dodge alternator in your hands soon.

Dodge Alternator Models