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Dodge Avenger Door Handle

Tips to Fix the Common Problems of Your Dodge Avenger Door Handle

Your Dodge Avenger door handle can have small problems. Although these won't be a hindrance to your Dodge's performance, they can affect the overall appearance of your car. To help you fix these common problems, here are some troubleshooting tips:

Scratched chrome

If your Avenger has chrome door handles, you had better be careful when using them because you might just end up scratching them with the rings on your fingers or the car key you're holding. But if you already have scratches on your door handles, you can buy a good-quality chrome polisher from auto supply stores and use it to clean and polish them. In this way, you can also remove the light scratches. Take note, however, of the material of your chrome door handles because some are just plastic that have a chrome finish. If this is the case, you can look for a product that is best suited to clean and polish this material to avoid further damage.

Peeled-off paint

Like the door handles, the area beneath them can also be scratched, leaving your paint peeled off if left unfixed. The main culprits behind this problem are sharp objects like fingernails, keys, and rings that usually brush against the surface of your door every time you get inside your car. You can, however, just use an effective polishing compound to buff the scratches. However, if the scratches are severe to the point that the peeled-off paint is highly noticeable, you may just want to repaint your car door.

Faded black color

Your black door handles can fade over time, especially if exposed to severe heat from the sun. What happens is they begin to lose their rich black color and slowly fade into gray. You can also notice an uneven fading on the door handles between the topside and the underside. If you experience this problem, you may want to use a degreaser first to remove any waxy residue. This is to see if the grayish color of your handles is caused by the white residue of car wax. Otherwise, you can buy products that can restore the black color of your components or you can have the handles repainted black.

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  • Helpful Tips to Maintain Your Dodge Avenger Door Handle in Good Condition

    In order to keep the look of your Dodge Avenger door handle, you should regularly clean it and apply necessary and safe compounds. Here are some useful tips to help you maintain or transform your door handles:

    Be extra careful.

    The key to maintaining the new look of your door handles, be they chrome-finished or not, is for you to avoid scratching them. You should be extra careful when opening your car door if you have rings or unclipped fingernails. Also, you may want to hold your car key with your other hand so it won't touch the handle or the paint beneath. You should also be careful when you're parking or making a turn to avoid any object that can scratch your door handles.

    Polish to make them shiny.

    Make sure that the polishing compound you will be using is proven to keep your chrome door handles shiny. But before getting one from an auto supply store, you should ask around for the best polishing compound or search online to avoid getting a bad-quality product. And when you've found a safe and effective one, make sure to follow the instructions at the back to achieve better results. Remember, though, that too much polishing can damage the coating of your door handles.

    Glaze them for added shine.

    If there are still blemishes left on the door handles after you've polished them, you can apply glaze to remove any imperfection. This will make sure that the surface of your handles will look as good as new. But you have to keep in mind that once you apply glaze, you should continue doing it. This will preserve the condition of your door handles, and will even serve as a protection from future scratches.

    Wash regularly.

    Of course, you shouldn't miss your door handles when you're cleaning your Avenger. You can clean them using the same mixture of warm soapy water that you use to wash the rest of your car. Just make sure that you use a soft sponge, especially if the door handles are chrome, for less chance of scratches and for better cleaning. Remember, you would want to keep your door handles free of dirt and grime.