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Dodge Brake Pad Set

Comparatively inexpensive, as automotive parts go, your Dodge brake pads serve an essential role in the smooth and safe slowing and stopping of your vehicle. Like other mechanical systems at work in your vehicle, your braking system is made up of a variety of parts that work together to reliably produce the desired effect, which in the case of the braking system, is to slow and stop the vehicle in a controlled and dependable fashion. The role of the Dodge brake pads in this process is to rub against the rotors, when called into service by you pressing the brake pedal and pressed into them by the calipers, using friction to slow and then stop the vehicle. This process erodes the Dodge brake pads a little bit more each time, which is why they need to be replaced regularly. There are different types of Dodge brake pads to choose from when the time comes for replacement, and these choices range from the typical stock style replacements to the ultra-high performance types that are found on hard use vehicles, such as emergency vehicles and cabs. If you are the average driver, traveling the average distance to and from work, around town and the like, a standard set of Dodge brake pads will do a great job for you. However, if you regularly travel curvy, hilly roads on your daily commute in from the suburbs or drive in busy, hot, stop and go traffic in the city, you may be better served by a higher performing set, as such driving conditions can wear your pads faster. If you have questions about what a higher performing set of Dodge brake pads can do for you or need a bit of assistance in choosing the right set for your vehicle, you are invited to make use of our live help system, which is available through our website. Our online catalog features a full selection of Dodge brake pads, one that covers the full range of performance options, all reasonably priced and ready to order, either using our secure online ordering system or our toll-free telephone number. Our fast order processing will soon have your Dodge brake pads on the way, and if your order comes to $50 or more, we'll be happy to provide free ground shipping, as we do for all parts and accessories orders of that amount.