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Dodge Bumper

With any vehicle from any decade, safety has always been an issue, especially now. More and more regulations are passed to protect the motorists as the freeways keeps getting packed. When before it is mainly the performance, capabilities and designs of the vehicle that gets the attraction of buyers, safety ratings have now been widely acknowledged. So in response for this great demand, both from the government and the buying public, more and more features and accessories are provided to further bolster the safeness levels of these vehicles. Some of these parts, features and accessories for safety are air bags, seat belts, crumple zones in the body, child safety locks, child safety equipments and bumpers for example.

Sadly though, while new innovations are being spewed out at a rapid state for the development of motor vehicle safety, bumpers have been at the losing end with less durable materials being used but lowered weight gained. Bumpers now are more of use for low speed collisions. As to their purpose, Dodge front bumpers and rear bumpers are designed to absorb as much shock and impact during low-speed collisions. They also add to the Dodge vehicles design and style. Before, bumpers were made out of heavy steel, such that can be found on most old cars, they can take more impact or force.
Most bumpers today are produced from aluminum, rubber, fiberglass composite, or plastic. These bumpers would also usually come with a plastic cover matching the body color of the vehicle. Also, most bumpers use polypropylene foam or plastic honeycomb as well as energy absorbers and brackets, for better performance and shock absorption.
Dodge bumpers are designed to exceed the standards in normal bumper functions; they are guaranteed to absorb the impacts produced from collisions to avoid great damage to the Dodge vehicle and to the driver and passengers. Not only are Dodge front bumpers tough and durable, they are stylish and has great designs to add to the overall impact of the Dodge vehicle.

  • Closer Look at Dodge Bumper

    A crushed Dodge bumper is truly one of those glass half full or glass half empty type of situations. Indeed, the damaged Dodge bumper is an eyesore, but the odds are that having to replace the bumper means that you do not have to replace more expensive body parts, as in taking the force of the blow and the damage that came with it, your Dodge bumper did just what it was designed to do, protect the rest of the vehicle and absorb the force of the blow as much as possible, preventing unnecessary injury to you and your passengers. Our online catalog, which features a full range of aftermarket parts and accessories for your Dodge, has an excellent selection of Dodge bumper parts and replacements. There are a variety of parts that make up the Dodge bumper of today, including the bumper filler, the outer covering, the molding, and the brackets. After a low-speed impact incident, you may need to replace one or more of these parts, and you'll find that we make them, as well as the entire Dodge bumper set up, available at prices that are virtually sure to compare well to the prices that your local dealerships are asking for replacement parts of the same type and quality. We've set up our online catalog to be user-friendly to the highest degree possible, meaning you'll quickly and easily find the correct Dodge bumper options for your year and model, as well as be able to compare them, seeing which will serve your particular vehicle and needs best. Ordering your Dodge bumper replacement or parts, as with all of our other parts and accessories, is always easy and safe. Our secure and streamlined online ordering system allows you to enjoy the convenience of anytime shopping without worry. However, if you would prefer to order your Dodge bumper parts or replacement by telephone, we also have a toll-free telephone number that you are welcome to use to connect you with one of our helpful customer service specialists.