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Dodge Caliber Emblem

Ways to Keep Your Dodge Caliber Emblem Looking Brand New

The Dodge Caliber emblem is plastered on the front and the rear of your vehicle. While it does not serve any safety or performance functions, you have to admit that it feels good to show to the world what kind of car you drive. To keep your bundle of joy looking great, however, you need to keep the emblem in mint condition, too. Thankfully, because of its smooth surface, the emblem can be easily cleaned.

Cleaning and polishing

  • The Dodge Caliber emblem can be washed safely with the same mild detergent recommended for your vehicle's finish.

  • Dirt and wax buildup can collect in the edges of the emblem. Use a soft toothbrush or a Q-tip to clean around those little details.

  • If your emblem is made of plastic, you can polish it to a high luster with a fine metal or plastic polish. To find the best product, look for one that comes in a tube and is suitable for nickel, chrome, gold, and plastic.

  • If your vehicle's emblem is enameled, practice caution when polishing. Especially if its plating is becoming thin, the polish you use might remove what little is left.

  • When waxing the emblem, use the automotive type that is non-cleaning and non-polishing. This type will seal in the natural plastic oils and prevent the plastic component from cracking. If your vehicle's emblem is enameled, the wax will protect its plated finish.


  • Remove the emblem from the car before painting. While it is possible to paint it while it is still mounted on your vehicle, you will produce much better results if it is painted while it is on a flat surface.

  • If your car's emblem is bolted or held on with clips, simply remove the hardware to take out the component.

  • If the emblem has been glued on, use a hair dryer or heat gun to soften the adhesive. Slide a length of dental floss or fishing line behind the emblem and pull the string toward you to remove it.

  • To give the paint something to adhere to, sand the emblem with 220-grit sandpaper. This only works if your emblem is smooth chrome or if it is painted.

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