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Dodge Catalytic Converter

The name Dodge started out as the Dodge Brothers Car Company in 1914 because it was owned by two brothers, Horace and John Dodge. They began with manufacturing engines for Ford until they built a Dodge car having a 3.5 liter four-cylinder engine with a dyna starter that soon earned its reputation for ruggedness and were more popularly used as staff vehicles and ambulances during the World War I. Selling both cars and trucks, Dodge currently acts as Chrysler's performance division. They offer unique vehicles. The current Dodge models sold in the United States in the present includes a minivan, pickup, SUV, grand caravan, sedans, cargo vans, vans, convertible, and coupes.

Can you still remember the history of Dodge back in the mid 70's? It was that time when what was left of the Dodge muscle car models begun to come out with Dodge Catalytic converters. This is in connection with the new rule that time about the emission standards. Without a proper catalytic converter, you won't be allowed to drive your car. It's either they confiscate it or they make sure that you won't be able to drive it for quite sometime because your license won't be approved.

Since pollution remains a big problem all throughout the world, this emission standard is one of the ways to help prevent too much production of harmful elements that could ruin our environment. From surveys, the bigger portion of the fumes are produced by vehicles. This is why catalytic converters are important. The catalytic converter cleans up this nasty pollution causing chemicals before it is released from the engine.

Because catalytic converters are exposed to harsh chemicals, it breaks down quite too often and must be changed as soon as possible to enjoy driving. In replacing catalytic converters, you should remember that the alternate part is of the same size, shape, and brand as that of the original. This is to ensure that what you are putting in your car has an exact compatibility needed to function well.
Dodge Catalytic Converters, though there's not much of the Dodge cars left today, can still be found inside Dodge cars and are still available at chosen shops. Through the years, the Dodge catalytic converters performance has gotten better about controlling the exhaust flow.
Although some complains that having catalytic converters slows down the vehicle, well, they are wrong. Look at Dodge's Ram SRT10 and Viper, they wear Dodge catalytic converter and no one's calling them slow. Other Dodge cars that carries catalytic converters in it are the 1978 Aspen, 2002 Neon, and many more.
Dodge Catalytic Converter types available are Dodge Dakota catalytic converters, Dodge Ram catalytic converters, and Dodge catalytic converters for most vans and cars of Dodge. So if you think your car needs a new catalytic converter, don't ignore it. It's for your good anyway.

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    Your Dodge catalytic converter is an important part of your exhaust system, responsible for cleansing some of the environmentally damaging substances from the exhaust fumes produced by the internal combustion engine of your vehicle. By reducing the amount of pollutants released into the air, your Dodge catalytic converter makes breathing safe and healthier for everyone, which makes it very important that it is kept in working order at all times. In fact, without a working Dodge catalytic converter, your vehicle will not pass the annual inspection that you must go through in order to get your sticker. There are steps that you can take to help preserve your Dodge catalytic converter, helping to make it last as long as possible. Because your combustion system and exhaust system work in close cooperation, it should come as no surprise that a problem in your combustion system can damage your Dodge catalytic converter. For example, if your spark plugs are not working, which can disrupt the fuel burn, or your valve gaskets are malfunctioning, your Dodge catalytic converter can be overwhelmed. Eventually, however, as all parts do, your Dodge catalytic converter will need to be replaced. And, when it does, we'll be able to provide you with a high quality, reliable and affordable replacement for your original Dodge catalytic converter, made to the same high industry standards and sure to last just as long, with proper care and maintenance. You'll find an excellent selection in our online catalog, home to our extensive inventory of aftermarket Dodge parts and accessories. You can use our securely encrypted online ordering system to order your Dodge catalytic converter or you can place your order with a fast toll-free phone call.