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Dodge Charger Brake Pad Set

Three Problems Affecting Most Dodge Charger Brake Pad Sets and Their Usual Causes

Brake pads are a very important component for your Dodge Charger. They are what will stop your vehicle when you are going 60 miles an hour and you notice a stalled vehicle in front of you a little too late. As with many other car components, Dodge Charger brake pad sets could have a number of problems hampering their performance. Read on to learn about them and what could've caused them to malfunction.

Squealing sound, vibrations and ineffective braking are experienced after installing a new Dodge Charger brake pad set.

If you have just installed a new set of brake pads and you have experienced some or all of the problems above, don't be alarmed. Brake pads won't normally work at their best level if they're brand new. In time, moderate usage of these brake pads will bring them up to speed, allowing them to perform at their optimal level. This is called the bedding-in period. The length of time and the amount of usage needed usually differ depending on the brand and type of brake pads used. For details about your brake pad's bedding-in period, consult with the appropriate manual or get in touch with a customer service representative to find out.

The brakes feel spongy after using stepping on them a couple of times.

If you're experiencing this problem, lay off the brake pedal for a while unless you really need to stop. Most breakers, especially the cheaper semi-metallic ones are prone to a phenomenon called brake fade. Basically, the more you use your brakes, the hotter your brake pads become and the less effective they are. To prevent this from happening, some brake pads are made from better materials like ceramics while other are constructed with vents to efficiently release heat.

Brakes pads seem to wear out prematurely.

Brake pad sets will usually last you a few years and many miles. If after only some time, you hear that tell-tale squeak of worn out brake pads or if a visual inspection reveal that there is almost no braking material left, you could have a number of problems like faulty calipers or uneven brake rotors on your Dodge Charger. Unless you're an expert mechanic, it might be best to have your brakes inspected by a professional.

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