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Dodge Coil Springs

Your Dodge coil springs are part of your suspension system, which is made up of a group of parts that work together closely to keep your vehicle firmly on the road while traveling over differing terrains and road conditions, while shielding those in the passenger cabin from the bumps and jolts of the road. These parts tend to be interdependent, which means that if one or more of your Dodge coil springs are starting to become worn and unable to perform properly, other suspension system parts can be negatively affected, and even damaged, if your coil springs are not attended to promptly. When your Dodge coil springs start to go bad, you'll probably notice that the quality of your handling decreases, in part because you'll seem to be hitting bumps harder, as your old Dodge coil springs are no longer springy' enough to take on the force of the bumps as they once had. You may even be able to see the degree of wear of your Dodge coil springs in the posture of your vehicle, which may sag or sit lower than usual. If one of your Dodge coil springs has gone bad, the vehicle may seem to sit crookedly or unevenly. There are a variety of types of Dodge coil springs, with some being stiffer, more appropriate for those who drive sports utility vehicles and enjoy off-road adventuring, or small, sporty vehicles in which precise, tight control is prized, as these stiffer versions greatly reduce body roll. The softer types of Dodge coil springs are all about the smooth ride, and while the handling may not be quite as precise in certain conditions as the stiffer versions, it is more than sufficient, and many don't mind the small trade-off for the increase in comfort. You can order the Dodge coil springs of your choice from our online catalog, either online or by dialing our toll-free telephone number.