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Dodge Cold Air Intake

Adding a Dodge cold air intake is an easy and affordable means of improving the performance of your vehicle. What the Dodge cold air intake does is provide colder air, which is more oxygen dense, to the combustion system, helping to create a more efficient burn of fuel. While the more efficient fuel burn that is made possible by the Dodge cold air intake will increase the horsepower production, that horsepower increase is not the only benefit you'll receive. In addition to the additional horsepower, you can see better fuel economy - more miles to the gallon and less spent at the pump -- as the Dodge cold air intake will help you to use the fuel you put in the tank more effectively, producing more power without demanding more fuel to do it with. Installation is usually a very simple process that, in most cases, will not require vehicle modifications. Many Dodge cold air intake set ups come with a special, reusable filter. Instead of having to spend your money buying throw away filters for your Dodge cold air intake, you can spend just a few minutes of your time in washing it out. Our online catalog features the full range of aftermarket parts and accessories for your Dodge, as well as an exciting selection of performance parts and customization kits. Within our extensive inventory, you'll find just the right Dodge cold air intake for your year and model, and it will be at an affordable price that is within reach of the average automotive repair and improvement budget. In addition to our low prices, we also have a standard policy of offering to provide free ground shipping for all orders of $50 or more. You can order your Dodge cold air intake using our securely encrypted site or you can place your order with a fast toll-free telephone call.