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Dodge Control Arm

The Dodge control arm is among the many suspension parts in your vehicle that works hard to keep your vehicle stable as it travels down the road. The suspension system is quite complex, using a great number of components to give flexibility to the wheels of the vehicle, allowing them to adjust to uneven road surfaces rather than hitting every bump or pothole with rigid force that would cause a vertical bounce, making the vehicle uncontrollable as all four wheels were lifted from the road surface. The Dodge control arm is part of this process, helping the suspension system to absorb the shock and vibration of the road, allowing the wheels and suspension parts to take the punishment of the road, while the body glides along reasonably undisturbed. There is an upper and lower Dodge control arm at each wheel of the vehicle. At every pivot point, the Dodge control arm has a rubber bushing to aid its ability to absorb vibration and protect it from friction damage as it moves against other suspension components. The Dodge control arm helps to keep the front-end of the vehicle tight and aligned properly, which is also important to vehicle stability, as well as to good steering control. Tough and reliable, the Dodge control arm will serve its purpose well through many miles of punishment from rough roads and the elements. However, a large bump or pothole hit at a high rate of speed can bend the Dodge control arm, requiring replacement for safe travel. We carry a selection of Dodge control arm replacements in our online catalog at great low prices. Our secure site makes ordering your Dodge control arm replacement safe and easy, or our expert customer service will make it just as convenient to order on our toll-free phone line.

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