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Dodge Cylinder Head Gasket

You've seen the symptoms that strike dread into the heart of almost anyone who works under the hood of a vehicle and know that it is time to replace your Dodge head gasket. The cloud of white smoke from the exhaust, often smelling so strongly of coolant that you can almost taste it, the weird gurgling in the radiator, the oily residue in the coolant overflow tank, which seems to be always fuller than it should be lately, and the odd, foamy light brown mess that has replaced the rich black oil on your dipstick are a few of the symptoms that indicate a Dodge head gasket replacement is in order. While the Dodge head gasket is not an expensive part in and of itself, it will cost you a serious chunk of change to take your Dodge to your local automotive service center and have one of the technicians do the replacement. That's because it is a labor-intensive process that involves the removal of several engine parts to access your Dodge head gasket, which means the per hour labor charge is going to add up. Many who have a bit of experience under the hood choose to perform this task themselves, and it is possible to do successfully at home, provided you work in an orderly, organized fashion and pay attention to details. If you have not performed this type of repair before, you may want to consider doing so with the guidance of a quality repair manual, one specific to your vehicle, rather than those more generic manuals that cover a variety of vehicles. You'll find an excellent selection of those, in addition to the Dodge head gasket for your year and model, in our extensive inventory of parts and accessories. Ordering your Dodge head gasket, and any other accessories and parts you may need, will be a safe and streamlined process, whether you use our secure site to place your order or dial our toll-free telephone number to speak to one of our professional staff.