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Dodge Exhaust Manifold

Passing an emission test or inspection is not a problem if your Dodge car or truck is equipped with high quality exhaust parts like the catalytic converter, the muffler, exhaust pipe, oxygen sensor and the exhaust manifold. Even if you are driving an old Dodge model, this should not be a problem because there are a lot low-priced replacement auto parts nowadays that makes the task of finding the best part for your auto easy and fast.

One of the parts that matter most in the exhaust system is the exhaust manifold. Your Dodge exhaust manifold, like those of other cars is essential to your engine's over all performance. Not only does the Dodge exhaust manifold carry the exhaust gases to the exhaust system from the exhaust ports on the cylinder, but it makes the engine more efficient as it cleans the engine from impurities. Although the exhaust gases are actually cleaned in the catalytic converter, it is the exhaust manifold that performs the crucial task of taking them away from the engine.

Replacing a damaged or an overused Dodge exhaust manifold ensures the best performance of your Dodge truck, SUV, minivan, coupe or sedan. But just as important and necessary as replacing a damaged part is to ensure that you have the best parts so as to meet emission standards, possibly, the highest. It always feels good to drive top-notch autos such as those from Dodge, but it feels better to drive your vehicle knowing that you are not contributing to the worsening problems on air pollution.

In getting a new Dodge exhaust manifold, consider the type of your engine. Four-cylinder and eight-cylinder engines have four cylinders that use only one exhaust manifold. If your Dodge is powered by a V6, V8 or V10 engine, two exhaust manifolds are attached to each bank of cylinder. Most exhaust manifolds are made of cast iron but you can choose to get a Dodge exhaust manifold made of aluminum, steel or stainless steel instead.