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Dodge Fan Blade

The cooling system is composed of many parts and the Dodge fan blade is one of these, its importance often overlooked. The Dodge fan blade serves an important role in helping to keep the temperature under the hood at an adequate constant. A simple visual inspection will reveal if one Dodge fan blade, or more, are cracked, dented, broken off or loose. Any of these conditions, except possibly for a loose blade, will require the replacement of your Dodge fan blade. An easy way to check your Dodge fan blade is to manually turn it and look for damage. This method is most efficient when turned quickly, as this will most closely simulate the true behavior of your fan while in operation. For proper fan operation, all of the fan blades must be aligned properly, as misalignment may result in damage or failure to your water pump shaft or bearings. One way you can check if your Dodge fan blade is properly aligned is by placing a straight edge across the face of the fan blade. Another is to take out each Dodge fan blade and rest them on a level plane making sure that they all make contact with the flat surface. If one or more don't, then it is time to replace them. To ensure the continued efficiency of your cooling system, trust us with your Dodge fan blade order. We aim to gain your loyal patronage, and this is why we offer you live web chat for customer assistance and a securely encrypted order form. In addition, you can place your order over the phone, where one of our customer service representatives will gladly assist you in finding the correct replacement for your damaged Dodge fan blade, so that the efficiency of your cooling system is not compromised.