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Dodge Fender Flares

Dodge fender flares can be one of the most exciting and useful of truck accessories. Truck enthusiasts usually use fender flares to enhance the look and functionality of their trucks. Fender flares are important accessories especially for off-road enthusiasts. It emphasizes the aggressive look of the truck and is useful in keeping dirt, mud and debris from the fenders.
Fender flares are covers that go around the bottom of the chassis wheel in a truck or SUV. Fender flares are usually made of plastic or other non-corrosive material and are usually molded to fit a particular vehicle. They follow the circular arc of the wheel well. Larger fender flares catch more of the dirt and grime slung up by the wheels. That is one of the basic functions of the fender flares, to keep the dirt and debris from the fender, windshield and door. Fender flares can change the way your truck looks into a vehicle that is well taken cared of. Fender flares will not only keep your truck cleaner, they also give it a captivating look that you will definitely enjoy.
Fender flares are some of the best accessories you can invest in. With a combination of functionality and enhanced look, these accessories can definitely improve your car. You can make many choices in choosing the best Fender flares for your car. You can choose from a variety of colors that will match your car with the style that you like. If you have a truck or an SUV off-road and you take them to wet areas, the thunder players will protect against the natural rusting effect, which would occur and guess what, they are very easy to clean as well and brings good looks to your Dodge truck or SUV.

  • Closer Look at Dodge Fender Flares

    Over the years the automotive industry has witnessed a booming interest in vehicle customization, and Dodge fender flares are part of this trend. They attach to your fender and flare out, enhancing your vehicle with a sports-car look. Available in a great variety of colors and styles, Dodge fender flares give your Dodge a tricked-out appearance while providing additional undercarriage and body protection. Your Dodge will be less likely to have paint chipping off of it due to road debris thanks to these, and they also provide extra protection against rust, since they will be taking all the hits from bouncing gravel and rubble, instead of the body of your vehicle. Made of a specialized plastic known as thermoplastic rubber, Dodge fender flares are flexible and impact resistant; therefore less prone to cracking as a result of vibrations produced by your vehicle against the road. Built-in UV protection ensures your Dodge fender flares a long lasting-finish that will not fade or crack due to strong sun or harsh weather conditions. Installation of Dodge fender flares is generally simple, requiring them to be mounted on the inside lip of the fender with just some screws and industrial automotive tape. Serving as a laminate shield between the fender and the fender flare against wetness, dirt, salt and rust, the specialized adhesive tape is an important aspect to the proper installation of fender flares. Our online catalog carries a vast variety of Dodge parts and accessories, including Dodge fender flares. Order securely on our encrypted ordering site or through our toll-free number. We offer free shipping on orders of $50 and over because we want you to consider us your number one automotive parts supplier. Our processing center will quickly get your Dodge fender flares on the way, so that you can soon begin installation. We'll help you make your Dodge look the way you feel when you drive it with robust Dodge fender flares.