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Dodge Floor Mats

The idea of having floor mats in a car is one of the most neglected things one must consider. Floor mats not only accessorize the interior of the car, they are also what keeps it clean and new. In short, even if the passengers do not easily notice this, it is one of the things serving a lot of purpose for the maintenance of the car itself.
Floor mats are considered as the carpet protector. Sometimes as complement to the carpet itself, floor mats are made of carpet materials too. There are different types of floor mats: Some are made in universal fit designs while others are custom made to fit only the original vehicle. As additional style, floor mats are also designed with embroidered logo, monograms or other designs that give them their unique look.

Dodge floor mats come in different styles and shades but still have their high quality features and remain durable. Its material may be of rubber with colors that matches your seats. With so many options to choose from, sometimes you get confused on what to buy or which to get for your car.

Dodge floor mats and other brands always come in different sizes, shapes, and makes. Its quality depends solely on what is asked from it. The best way is to comprehensively know what a certain type of floor mat offers. Dodge floor mats are available in so many different material
makes. Learn their descriptions and details to know the difference from each one and you will be able to choose which floor mat is better suited to your Dodge.

Some of the varieties of Dodge floor mats include the following: Included is a little description that will give you a bit of idea in case you decide to have one.
Weather Tech Floor Mats has durable rubber protection that traps dirt, mud and moisture. It is made thick and has special ridged underside, providing an impenetrable barrier that is designed to stay put. It also has a tall outer ridge that keeps dirt from sliding to your carpet.
Husky Liners and Husky Heavy Duty Floor Mats are impenetrable too and are nearly indestructible. They are made with patented thermo-plastic rubberized vinyl and are designed to guard your interior without cracking or breaking for years.
Catch All Floor Mats boasts of their superior protection matched up with good looks. They are made with a molded-rubber underside and a stain resistant nylon carpet top. These floor mat have a unique snap fastener that snug fit under your feet without sliding or bunching. Cleaning it is not hard too for they can easily be cleaned even in a hose-off way.
Invisible Floor Mats have a blend in element and are transparent, therefore allowing the look of your original floor mats and carpet to show through. They feature a skid-resistant pebbled surface so they are slip-free, and made of heavy vinyl molding making them easy to clean with just a damp rag.
These are just a few of the probable choices you can look at although there are a lot more of options you can check out. You can find them in automotive shops, car magazines or you can surf around the net and find detailed information about them.

  • Closer Look at Dodge Floor Mats

    Dodge floor mats preserve your vehicle's floor carpeting and the underlying metal. Available in carpeted or rubber material, they are designed to cover the sections of your car's carpeting that are most exposed to foot traffic, stains and moisture. The carpeted version of Dodge floor mats are lined underneath with a heavy-duty non-slip rubber backing designed to ensure that your carpet stays dry, clean and that the Dodge floor mats never slip out of place to leave your carpeting vulnerable to harm. Best of all, they are simple to remove and clean. If you are considering trading-in or reselling your car, Dodge floor mats can help maintain its highest resale value. When you take your Dodge in to a dealer, they will calculate it's value by assessing the overall condition of your vehicle, and the condition of your carpet is factored in during this evaluation. By placing Dodge floor mats in your vehicle, you decrease its depreciation by keeping the original carpet in pristine condition. These provide your vehicle protection, but also allow you to infuse your personality into your car. Dodge floor mats are available in a vast selection of colors and styles, including prints and humorous characters. And, if you like variety, they are inexpensive enough that you can switch them up to give your interior a whole new look in just a few minutes. More simply, you may just be interested in covering-up some unsightly stains that have found their way onto your carpet through rugged wear. Restore your vehicle's interior with a new set of Dodge floor mats without having to replace the whole carpet. Ordering is made simple and secure through our online ordering site, which uses high-tech encryption tools to protect your sensitive personal information. Orders of $50 or more are ground shipped for free, if desired. Whatever your style preference, you'll easy find the right set of Dodge floor mats when you shop with us.