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Dodge Fog Light

Lights are essential in a vehicle, just as your powertrain and drivetrain components. Although they may not be directly and significantly contributing to your vehicle's performance, they enhance your safety especially in low visibility driving conditions. Among the most important lights in your vehicle are the headlights and the tail lights. These are mandatory for safety reasons. Driving without these lights especially in poorly lit areas is like putting yourself to danger.

But during worst weather conditions, your headlights may not be sufficient to light up your way. You would need special kinds of lights that would provide extra-low level of illumination to help you pierce through heavy rain, snow and fog. These are called fog lights. Compared to the headlamps, fog lights emit lower intensity of light since when you use high intensity lights in heavy fogs, the light would just bounce back to you and form a haze in front of the car. When your headlamps are off, fog lights likewise, increase your car's visibility as it moves down the road.

If you have an old Dodge vehicle that doesn't have fog lights, you can retrofit Dodge fog lights available in market today. They come in various designs and colors so you can choose well the fog lights that can perfectly match your Dodge car. If your Dodge has fog lights, you can replace them with other kinds of fog lights to give your car a fresh new look.

There are automatic fog lamps that automatically light up when it's getting dark. They have sensors that determine when it's dark so you don't have to reach for controls to put it on; all you need to pay attention to is driving. Some automatic fog lights, however can also be pre-set so you can put it on or off as you wish. When your headlamps are not in use, you can set your fog lights on together with the day time running lights for added visibility.

Dodge Fog Light Models

  • Closer Look at Dodge Fog Light

    Imperative to every driver's safety is visibility; but in a dense fog patch, heavy rain or drifting snow, it can be nearly impossible to see where you're going unless you have a Dodge fog light set. High and low beam headlights allow you nighttime visibility, but in rain, fog or snow situations, water reflects the light projected by your headlights back at you, causing intense glare and greatly reducing your visibility, which puts you and other motorists in danger. The worse thing you can do is to turn on your high beams during low visibility road conditions, as you'll surely blind oncoming motorists. Being able to see where you're going, and allowing others to see you, is especially important in poor road conditions, which is why you will greatly benefit from a Dodge fog light set. The Dodge fog light set is installed at the front of your vehicle and shoots a specially designed light beam that, unlike your headlights, will not randomly disperse light particles, so that the light reflected back to you is minimized, minimizing blinding glare. If your Dodge doesn't currently have a Dodge fog light pair, that's not a problem, as you can purchase and install them yourself. You can browse our online catalogue for the right Dodge fog light set for your vehicle and order them on our safe, encrypted online ordering site. Our toll-free number is also available if you prefer to place your order by phone. We offer free ground shipping on orders of $50 or more because we appreciate your consumer loyalty. Our goal is to offer you the best quality parts, accessories and customer service, so that you'll trust us with all of your automotive parts and accessories needs. Our order processing center will quickly handle your Dodge fog light set and get it out to you so that your Dodge may be better equipped to confront hazardous road conditions.