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Dodge Fuel Filter

Quality, consumption and the environmental implications of fuel are extremely touchy subjects in today's world, and the Dodge fuel filter has importance in all of those areas. The Dodge fuel filter is a mechanism placed in the fuel line that extracts fuel impurities so that only clean fuel is moved into the carburetor or fuel injector system by the fuel pump. You should replace your Dodge fuel filter at regularly scheduled intervals, since it will inevitably become dirty and clogged from drawing out contaminants and debris. A general estimate of a fuel filter lifespan is about 30,000 miles, but your Dodge manufacturer's specifications will provide the exact replacement mileage. Symptoms your vehicle may be in need of a new Dodge fuel filter include noticing that your Dodge engine stalls, hesitates, loses power, surges or misfires during acceleration, and rough or erratic idling. You may also have difficulties while the engine is cold, such as an engine that won't start or starts hard. Sometimes, it can seem as though you can feel your vehicle straining for fuel. When your dodge fuel filter is not functioning properly, you are likely to be using more fuel than you need to be, and because your fuel usage is not at its most efficient, you are probably releasing more pollutants than you should be. Keeping the fuel system, including your Dodge fuel filter, and your combustion system well maintained is an important part of reducing fuel consumption and keeping the environment cleaner. We offer your Dodge fuel filter at a great price and ship it directly to your doorstep. You can place your Dodge fuel filter order online or via our toll-free telephone number.