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Dodge Fuel Injector

Dodge fuel injectors are basically valves with nozzles operated by plungers that are housed within the intake manifold. This allows them to spray straight at the intake valves. When electronically stimulated by a sensor monitored by the engine control unit, or ECU, the valves of the Dodge fuel injectors open for the adequate amount of time and pressurized fuel is aerated through the nozzles so that your engine may burn it more efficiently. If you detect the smell fuel in your passenger cabin or if your engine surges during acceleration, you should inspect your Dodge fuel injectors and make sure that they are not either misconnected or disconnected, or clogged with dirt. Another indication of a faulty fuel injector is your fuel economy. If you fill your tank up and get really poor MPG, or miles per gallon, your Dodge fuel injectors may be the culprits. Our online website carries a wide variety of Dodge fuel injectors which you can easily order through our securely encrypted online order form, specifically designed to protect your privacy, or you can dial our toll-free telephone number, which is staffed by a customer service team ready to help you place your order. You can order your brand new Dodge fuel injectors through us with confidence, as you will be receiving quality parts that will perform just as well, if not better than, those that were factory installed on your vehicle. Our accurate and swift order processing will soon have your Dodge fuel injectors on the way. Replacing your faulty Dodge fuel injectors with a new set will help you not only to keep your vehicle running and performing well, but will also keep your vehicle's fuel consumption more efficient which is very important to all of us.