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Dodge Fuel Pump

If you notice that your engine isn't performing like it used to, it may be your Dodge fuel pump. Your Dodge fuel pump serves to deliver the fuel from your fuel tank all the way through your fuel system and, finally, to the fuel injectors. Inadequate fuel delivery by your Dodge fuel pump will cause your vehicle to have trouble starting, and even perhaps to not start at all, or shut down while it's running, since low pressure in the fuel pump will cause a thinned gas mixture to be sent through your fuel injectors to the intake valves, affecting your engine's ability to use the fuel. While driving, especially at high speeds for some time and when traveling up-hill, your engine may present weak acceleration and odd power surges, since it is being deprived of the necessary and evenly flowing volume of fuel it requires to run properly and powerfully. Another sign of a faulty Dodge fuel pump may be excessive gas consumption by your vehicle, which happens if the pressure in your fuel pump is higher than it should be. If high pressure is the problem, it's very likely that you will observe a gas leak originating from your fuel pump and perhaps even smell the fuel in your passenger cabin due to fuel injector or carburetor flooding. If after systematically analyzing and checking the electrical devices the problem persists, then it may be time for a brand new Dodge fuel pump. Our online catalog is user-friendly and will lead you to the correct Dodge fuel pump for your vehicle. Our staff, via our toll-free customer service phone number and web chat based live help system, will be happy to answer your Dodge fuel pump questions and help you to select the right one for you vehicle, if need be. You can place your order using either our toll-free number or our secure online order form, and our swift order processing will soon have your new Dodge fuel pump on the way.