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Dodge Fuel Tank

Technological developments continue to climb, improving the quality of almost every car part. They don't only boost engine power, make transmission system more efficient, and enhance accessory craftsmanship. They also bring remarkable improvements to auto parts like fuel tanks. The latest units of Dodge fuel tanks feature automatic transfer flow for fuel capacity and driving range increase. The market of the vehicle industry today is flocked with different fuel tanks which were engineered by its manufacturers all for the purpose of improving the auxiliary system of vehicles, including Dodge Ram fuel tanks, Dodge truck fuel tanks and Dodge D50 fuel tanks.
Dodge fuel tanks are available in 70 gallon in-bed fuel tank for diesel pickups, mid-ship replacement tanks, aft axle auxiliary tanks, cross-the-bed fuel tank systems, wedge fuel tank systems, and 30 gallon refueling tank. They are crafted from combination of 21 and 14 gauge aluminized steel for improved strength and rust resistance. Dodge fuel tanks mostly include fuel injection and lock ring sets, while pan in tanks sometimes are as well included. Number of gauge holes vary on the designs, may come either for 1991 to1995, 19888 to 1990, 1984 to 1986, or 1987 Dodge Caravan models. The Dodge 70 gallon fuel tanks were engineered from 14-gauge aluminum steel and powder coated black finish, capable of baffling in three places, ideal for 1990 to 2004 Dodge, Ford and GM diesel trucks. Application requires a fillneck kit. These fuel tanks are available for specific applications.

The Dodge midship replacement fuel tanks on the other hand are applicable only for1994 to 2004 Dodge Ram Extended Cab or Quad Cab Pickup that offers larger replacement fuel tank system from transfer flow, ensuring long travels. There are also the 54 gallon replacement tanks which are applicable for long bed pickups in 1998 to 2002 models. Another one is the 56 gallon Dodge fuel tank. It is available for 2003 to 2004 2x2 and 4x4 long bed pickup models. These new Dodge fuel tanks were designed to improved fuel flow and increase fuel capacity. You can also find aft axle auxiliary fuel tank system, a 38 gallon application for 1998 to 2002 Dodge eight foot Diesel pickups. It is the fuel tank system that has computer controlled system with complete installations including Trax-II, the patent auxiliary universal system. Another Dodge fuel tank for pickups is the 74 gallon wedge fuel tank, for those that feature fifth wheel or gooseneck hitch. This one shows a unique bright aluminum diamond plate with an additional durable mill finish. All these fuel systems meet the standards of the Federal and State Emissions Regulations.

Dodge Fuel Tank Models

  • Closer Look at Dodge Fuel Tank

    Your Dodge fuel tank was built to last, just like the rest of your Dodge. When it came from the factory, all shiny and new, your Dodge fuel tank was prepared to face the challenges of life under the vehicle with a heavy anticorrosion coating. The challenges that your Dodge fuel tank faces in its position underneath the vehicle, so close to the road, vulnerable to road debris and road splash, which is often full of dissolved road salt during the winter months, are numerous and continuous. After years of being assaulted by rocks and other debris and bathed in caustic salt laden grimy slush and water, your Dodge fuel tank won't be so shiny and the coating that protects against rust will wear away. At some point, the road debris will start to breach the surface of your Dodge fuel tank and the moisture will do what it does in such cases, and rust will likely form. Eventually it will eat through the old Dodge fuel tank and cause a leak. It is not only on the outside surface that rust is a danger, however. Even the inner walls of your Dodge fuel tank are vulnerable to rust, due to the occasional tank of water contaminated fuel and condensation that can form inside, which can lead to rust that will slowly eat through to the outer walls. Once you discover a leak in your Dodge fuel tank, it will need to be attended to promptly, as leaking a highly flammable substance is never safe, carrying with it the risk of fire and even explosion. Your best bet is to replace your old Dodge fuel tank with a well-manufactured and affordable replacement from our extensive inventory of aftermarket Dodge parts. You can order your Dodge fuel tank online, via our secure site, or by dialing our toll-free telephone number, and we'll be happy to send it to you by free ground shipping, as we do for all customers making orders of $50 or more.