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Dodge Intrepid Parts and Dodge Intrepid Accessories

When we are in the market for a vehicle, we usually go for affordable ones yet offer the best facilities we are really looking for in a vehicle. That is the Dodge Intrepid, within your means yet carries the best amenities. It has the sleekest styling of any family car on the planet.

The Dodge Intrepid is a large 4-door full-size front-wheel-drive sedan. It shares a basic design with the Chrysler's Concorde and the Eagle Division, but with different styling. It has a cab-forward design: that is, the wheels are pushed out to the end of the car to produce more space.

The Dodge Intrepid was offered in two generations; the first came out in 1993 and lasted for four years. It also shared its platform with the discontinued Eagle Vision. The second generation of Dodge Intrepid was introduced in 1998 but ended its production in early 2004. Unfortunately, due to some reasons, the Dodge Intrepid along with the other LH cars was dropped by Chrysler in its 2005 model line-up and was replaced by the LX series.

But in the late 1990s, Chrysler used the Dodge Intrepid as a research platform for a hybrid electric vehicle in a diesel-electric configuration so three variations of Dodge Intrepid were built, the Dodge Intrepid ESX, ESX2, and ESX3. The Intrepid ESX was built in a series hybrid configuration, whereas the Intrepid ESX2 and the Intrepid ESX3 were considered mybrids or mild hybrids. Each of them has its own power to show off because ESX's team has set a goal of making the vehicle reliable.

But the Dodge Intrepid body parts have something to boast also. The exterior is just a proof. The sloping cowls sweeps into a steeply raked windshield, on top of the well-formed roof and down to the short-deck lid reminiscent of past fastbacks. Its body panels are sculpted like a work of art. Another thing to brag is the Intrepid's integrated bumper/grille, the wrap-around cats-eye headlight lenses that flow into the sweeping hood line. Dodge Intrepid's interior parts are also exemplary.

These are the reasons why Dodge Intrepid was included in the Ten Best vehicles on Car and Driver magazine, for 1993-1994. Up till now, they still exist and every year, they have something new to offer.

Dodge Intrepid Articles

  • Dodge Intrepid Problems

    As its name implies, Dodge Intrepid proved to be a bold risk taker when it broke free from the stereotypical look of full-size sedans. It was released with a short front end and a cab-forward design, which allowed for a spacious cabin. Intrepid was definitely a standout among the sedan segment, but its style did not necessarily gain much fondness. Mostly, it was well liked for its nice handling and roomy interior, which made it a popular choice among consumers. Dodge Intrepid faced some setbacks, though. Here are some of the problems that Intrepid owners have spotted in the following parts:

    Injector O-rings

    Injector O-rings can get worn out over time, and its failure is usually indicated by a strong fuel odor coming from under the hood. In this case, the under hood and the area around the injectors must be inspected for leaks. This will help verify the suspected problem. In the event of worn injector O-rings, it is best to opt for quality replacement. Do not settle for the cork-type injector O-rings, though.

    Stabilizer links

    Stabilizer links are responsible for connecting the stabilizer bars to the suspension. So when they start to fail, a clunk or a rattle may become apparent especially when the Intrepid is driven over bumps. The cause of this part's malfunction could be rooted in either a broken ball joint or a defective seal. Damaged stabilizer links should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent mishaps while driving.


    There were cases of Dodge Intrepid engines that were difficult to start or do not start at all. This failure usually happens when the temperature is almost at its freezing point, and it could also be due to bad or substandard spark plugs. When replacing the plugs, it is best to use the copper-based or gold-based type. But setting this malfunction aside, the Intrepid is actually equipped with a very reliable and durable engine. In most cases, the engine only fails due to overheating.

    Electrical issues

    Intrepid owners have reported various electrical issues with their cars. Included in this type of problem are faulty automatic doors, short circuit in the alternator, and malfunctioning headlights.

  • Fun Facts about the Dodge Intrepid

    The oddly looking Dodge Intrepid was only manufactured from 1993 to 2004. In Canada and the United States, it was known to be the replacement for the Chrysler Dynasty and the Dodge Monaco respectively as the largest car that Dodge had built. And together with the Concorde and Vision, the Intrepid was labeled LH, which was Chrysler's designated code for the platform to which they belong.

    The innovative "cab-forward" design of the Dodge Intrepid was set in motion due to the Lamborghini Portfolino's launch as a concept design in the 1987 Frankfurt Auto Show. However, if one traces back the roots of the Portfolino's appearance, it would be discovered that it is actually based on the Navajo's exterior. This Navajo was a brainchild of Kevin Verduyn in 1986.

    2001 marked an important milestone for the Dodge Intrepid when it took a leap into motorsports. The Intrepid's debut in the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing or NASCAR also signified the comeback of Dodge in the racing circuit after an 18-year hiatus. However, it only continued on in the competition until 2006.

    In 1993, the Intrepid was chosen by Chrysler to be its research platform for a hybrid electric vehicle. This exploration was actually in response to President Bill Clinton's challenge to the three biggest car manufacturers-to produce automobiles that could cater to consumers' demands while maintaining good fuel economy. The result of this research was the Dodge Intrepid ESX.

    Chrysler made heads turn when it released a police package of the Dodge Intrepid sometime in the early 2000s. It had a very distinct look with its black-out wheels and chrome hubcaps. This specialized sedan was equipped with a 242-horsepower "Magnum" V6 engine and a standard 4-speed automatic transmission.

    Together with the Dodge Concorde, the Intrepid proved its worth when it was included in Car and Driver magazine's "Ten Best" list for the years 1993 and 1994. The same honor was given to it in 1998 and 1999 when its second-generation models came out. Both the first and second-generation Intrepid also won the "Best Buy" award of Consumer Guide.