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Dodge Journey Oil Filter

Can it truly be that something as simple as a Dodge Journey oil filter is all that stands between enjoying this powerful crossover vehicle to the fullest and never realizing its true potential? The answer is yes. No matter how powerful the engine -and the Journey certainly has a powerful one!it's always tied to the systems that support it. Oil is essential because it keeps the engine and its parts fully lubricated and cooled. Over time, with continued use, oil can accumulate a lot of dirtthis dirt can then start to deposit and build up in the nooks and crannies of your engine.

A Dodge Journey oil filter is designed to counter that. In fact, it is actually very versatileperforming two very essential jobs. The first is pretty straightforward. Circulating oil passes through the filter, and larger particles are caught and trappednever having a chance to clog up the engine's works. The second job it handles is retention. When the engine is stopped, the oil stops circulating as wellgravity then takes over and the oil pools at the bottom of the engine. It's the oil retained in the engine that helps to "jump-start" lubrication as fast as possible when you first start the engine.

The best thing about a Dodge Journey oil filter is that it is very affordable and light on the old pocket book. You don't ever need to splurge or over-spend for a good one! In fact, it's better to avoid the fancy technology when you get one. All the coatings and such that are boasted by many companies aren't good for youthese coatings might end up clogging your engine up. Go for a simple onein fact, go for two. So when about 3,000 miles comes about, you'll be ready to change your old one out in a jiffy!

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