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Dodge Knock Sensor

Your Dodge knock sensor is a small part performing serious protective tasks in your vehicle. As the name implies, your Dodge knock sensor detects knocking and pinging in your engine, through the particular vibrations that they produce. A knock or ping is often produced by a burn or spark that is taking place at the wrong instant, detonating - or exploding - rather than burning, and can often mean that ignition is also occurring in the wrong place. When the vibrations produced by knocks and pings are detected by the Dodge knock sensor, the device signals the primary computer of the vehicle, alerting it to the situation, and the main computer, in turn, adjusts the spark timing. Without the Dodge knock sensor to assist in monitoring the timing, and thus the location, of ignition, serious damage could be done to expensive and more difficult to replace combustion system parts, such as the pistons. If you find that your vehicle performance is rough, ragged and poor, and you haven't been able to trace those symptoms back to another source, you may want to have your Dodge knock sensor checked. If you find that it does need to be replaced, just a couple minutes with our online catalog, which features a wealth of aftermarket parts and accessories for your Dodge, and you'll have the correct Dodge knock sensor for your vehicle on the screen before you. You can soon have your new Dodge knock sensor on the way by placing your order using our securely encrypted ordering site or by dialing our toll-free telephone number and speaking to one of our team of customer service specialists.