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Dodge Nitro Cargo Mat

Common Problems Encountered with the Dodge Nitro Cargo Mat

A cargo mat protects your vehicle's interior from salt, mud, tar, and other harsh contaminants from the road. Aside from keeping your interior clean and free of damage, a cargo mat also provides a safe spot for you to haul a heavy load on to keep the car's interior from getting scratched. On wintertime, it also gives you and your passengers' feet a dry place to land on. Because being constantly stepped on is a part of its job, your Dodge Nitro's cargo mat may get worn out, stained, and damaged overtime. A severely worn out cargo mat may not be able to perform its job to protect your interiors anymore. To avoid damages in your car's interiors, always be aware of your cargo mat's condition. Here are a few problems that you might experience with your car's cargo mat.


Slipping cargo mats are not only annoying, they can also be dangerous. A slipping cargo mat in your Dodge Nitro has a tendency to get tangled on the gas pedal and increase the risk of accidents and injuries. If you notice that your cargo mat doesn't stay in its proper place anymore, is always misaligned, and slips, it could be extremely worn out and in need of a replacement. Also, avoid putting rubber dressing on your cargo mat because this can leave an oily residue and cause slipping on the mat.

Salt stains

Salt stains on your Dodge Nitro's cargo mat may be one of the most common problems you will experience if you are living in an area where it's always cold. If you see white stains on your vehicle's cargo mat, these are most likely caused by the salts on the road and sidewalks. Whether you have a plastic or carpeted cargo mat, salt can make its way into your mat's fibers and leave stains overtime. Although this problem can be a little repetitive, getting rid of salt stains is relatively easy.

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  • Tips on How to Keep Your Dodge Nitro Cargo Mat in Great Condition

    Keeping your Dodge Nitro's cargo mat free from harsh contaminants like salt, mud, and tar should always be a part of your car's routine maintenance. It may be just a mat but a cargo mat is what protects your vehicle's interior from getting damaged. It is part of its job to catch all the dirt that you'll be bringing in when you step inside the car. It is also responsible in keeping the interior safe from scratches and stains when you haul a heavy load inside the cargo area. That is why it's important to keep it in good condition at all times. Here are a couple of helpful tips what will prolong your cargo mat's life for you to avoid having to replace them several times.

    Vacuum your cargo mat regularly.

    Dirt and other harsh elements that are tracked in by your passengers and the load you put on your cargo cannot be avoided. That is why the only way to prevent your cargo mat from getting worn out easily is by cleaning it regularly. Cleaning your cargo mat can be relatively easy. All you need is a vacuum to suck all the dirt, dust, and debris away.

    Get rid of stains.

    Some contaminants like salt and mud that are brought in by the load you haul inside your Dodge Nitro's cargo may leave stains on the cargo mat. These stains cannot be avoided but removing a stain as soon as you spot one will greatly help in keeping your cargo mat looking great. All you need in getting rid of these stains is a carpet shampoo or cleaner, a brush, and warm water. Apply a liberal amount of high quality carpet cleaner on the mat and focus on the stained and soiled spots. Leave the cleaner for approximately five minutes and make sure to brush or scrub it in a circular motion. Once the stain has faded away, you can rinse the mat off with a warm bucket of water.

    Use a cargo mat protectant.

    If your Dodge Nitro's cargo mat is made of a rubber material, spraying it with a quality rubber and vinyl protectant will help in keeping it damage-free and looking good all the time.