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Dodge Oil Filter

Changing your Dodge oil filter regularly ranks high among those regular maintenance procedures that, if done as frequently as suggested, can make a real difference in the longevity of your engine and the performance of your vehicle. Your Dodge oil filter helps to protect the inner working parts of your engine, especially those that are most dependent on near constant lubrication while the engine is running, by capturing gritty particulate matter and other contaminates, preventing them from entering the lubrication system to erode precision parts and form sticky, thick residues that could interfere with the operation of various parts in the engine. When your Dodge oil filter gets dirty, it may not be able to allow the oil to flow the way it should and particles may overflow into the oil that circulates through your engine. It is recommended that you install a new Dodge oil filter with every oil change, which should be at least every 3,000 miles. Choosing a quality replacement for your Dodge oil filter is important, though choosing a quality replacement doesn't necessarily mean that you have to spend a lot of money. What it does mean is that it may not be a good idea to use bargain basement, unknown, generic brands of a quality that you are unfamiliar with, especially when there are so many reputable manufacturers offering affordable Dodge oil filter replacements. A quality Dodge oil filter replacement will have a means, usually a valve, of keeping a small bit of oil on the top side of the engine, after the rest has drained back down into the oil pan after the vehicle has been shut down. That way, upon start up, the top side engine parts that need it have a bit of oil available to carry them through until the engine heats up and the oil starts flowing. You'll find a terrific selection of quality Dodge oil filter replacements in our online catalog, affordably priced and ready to order using either our secure site or our toll-free telephone number.

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