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Dodge Oil Pan

When your engine is at rest, its oil drains back into the Dodge oil pan, where it stays until the engine is started once again and the oil pump draws it up and forces it through the filter the begin its course of lubrication. However, if your Dodge oil pan has sustained damage due to a driving mishap or simply due to the passage of time and the stresses of road debris, road splash, and winter slush made up in part of dissolved road salt, you may not have as much oil in your Dodge oil pan as you expect the next time you start it up. If you are a little neglectful when it comes to checking your oil, you could lose enough oil with a damaged Dodge oil pan to make a real difference in the well-being of your engine's inner working parts before you ever notice that you're running low on oil. Lifter ticking is not a signal that it is time to check the oil, it is a sign that you are not attending to your vehicle properly. It doesn't hurt to take a look at your Dodge oil pan every now and then, checking for damage or rust spots, making note of areas that may become troublesome in the future and looking for obvious signs of leakage, particularly around the seal. When the time does come to replace your old Dodge oil pan with a new one, you'll find a variety of high quality replacements to choose from in our online catalog. Our Dodge oil pan selection encompasses a broad range of years and models, and the odds are in your favor that we have just the right one for your particular vehicle. As with all of our parts and accessories, our Dodge oil pan is affordably priced and within reach of the average automotive repair budget. You can order your Dodge oil pan online, via our secure site, or with a quick toll-free telephone call.

Dodge Oil Pan Models