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Dodge Ram 1500 Bumper Cover

Making the most out of your Dodge Ram 1500 Bumper Cover

As strong and powerful as a full-sized pickup may be, it isn't immune from vehicular accidents. A Dodge Ram 1500 bumper cover protects other safety components from minor damages. Parking lot crashes, fender benders, and other minor collisions may crack or destroy the cover, but they won't be able to sustain heavy damages to the headlights, tail lights, exhaust and cooling systems, and fenders. Make sure that you get the most out of your bumper covers while they last by following these tips:

  • Make sure the bumper covers fit securely together

    If you want to add a bumper cover to the center of your Ram's front, then you need to ensure that it fits in with the existing side bumpers. You can easily do this by using a Stanley knife or tin snips to remove about a quarter of an inch off the area underneath the bottom of the side bumper covers' upper area. Do this before painting the new bumper so that the paint can hide the marks you made on the bumper cover. Additionally, you can apply an inch of silicone adhesive along the upper part of the added cover to make it more secure.

  • Use it to show a glimpse of your personality

    Give the drivers behind you a laugh or tell them what you believe in without even saying a word. A Dodge Ram 1500 bumper cover is a great place to put stickers that help you express yourself. Don't worry about having them on permanently because the cover is often made of plastic and you can easily remove an old one that no longer resonates with you. Just blast the sticker with a hair dryer and scrape it off with a plastic spatula. Use a clean cloth and alcohol to take off any residue. Alternatively, you could just spray the sticker with a water-displacing lubricant to make it easier to peel off with your fingers.

  • Heat up the bumper cover to repair minor dents

    Depending on what your bumper covers are made of, you can use a heat gun to repair minor damages. Hairline cracks in Polyurethane covers can be sealed by melting the back of the cover slightly. Dented metal bumper covers could be smoothed out by the interaction of gradual heat and sudden cold temperatures. Lay your covers on a soft area with the underside up and blast the dent with a heat gun. After it becomes extremely hot, use a can of carbon dioxide spray onto the dent to see if it pops out.

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